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  1. Thank you for sharing Cricketsong!! Your soothing voice is perfect for this
    sort of thing. What a powerful tool this is…an opportunity for
    integration. The truths that every phase of life offers its challenges,
    gifts and abilities to meet those challenges was powerful. As Tich Naht
    Hanh says, polarities “inter-are” (/watch?v=NJ9UtuWfs3U at minute 17:05 ).
    We need not activate any negative aspects. We can allow them to be what
    they are without invalidating them, as they’re inseparable aspects of the
    whole. As intrinsic as left is to right. It’s also telling that each
    being one comes across is an aspect of ourselves, though *not* ourselves –
    something different than us in this now moment. In my understanding, we’re
    never actually the same person from moment to moment, while paradoxically,
    we’re always ‘one’.
    I’m going to share this with the Greystone Path!

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