1. The current children’s generation is the first one projected to live five
    years less than their parents. This week the ladies of PIP discuss healthy
    living and the tips you need to help your child live a longer and happier

  2. Along with technology in the western world we have a society that functions
    solely on a corporate profit model which led to lower quality processed
    food loaded with additives ,preservatives ,fat and sugar coupled with
    technology which has led to less activity.Also this profit no matter the
    human cost has led to big pharma making substandard vaccines governments
    know are dangerous but use them because of lower costs .I have hope our
    kids will fix our mistakes and make a better world!

  3. Great to see you again !sorry for my soap box rant but I am concerned for
    our future generation! I love this segment you do although my girls are
    teenagers ..you should do a segment on dealing with teenagers ..Thanks for
    always producing great content

  4. unfortunately even referring to candies as ‘treats’ gives them the idea
    that it’s better than other foods – like fruits which are in fact MUCH
    better. we KNOW this, why are we so hypnotized by sugar?

  5. I agree with Malika, this next generation needs to learn to manage their
    own emotions & not expect the world to adapt to them. I teach my kids
    coping skills instead of jumping in to fix everything.

  6. Hi guys! could someone upload the subtitles in english and spanish please?

  7. I agree with you Sheila, but i would also add that (based on what I’ve
    observed) the kids who love sugary treats with a capital L, have been
    raised by parents who Love these treats and therefore think they would be
    depriving their child of something wonderful if they did not introduce
    “treats” at an early age.

  8. stop junk food advertising just like they did with cigarettes!!!!!

  9. I would get more hamsters…

  10. We a distructive lot, We gonna finish soon with a big bang no matter what

  11. Can anyone please tell me why we as a society don’t boycott food producers
    that are willing to take 5 years from the lives of our children to make a
    damn profit. I am so sick and tired of hearing of this sad and shocking
    statistic like our children’s life being shorter than ours by that amount
    of time. Stop buying that crap and they go out of business and our children
    grow up healthy. Keep buying that crap and make this statistic reality. You
    have the power in your wallets.

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