1. Melatonin really helps me with sleep when I get off a schedule. Great
    video! I have been watching since you started over 300 days ago. Happy new
    year to you!! 

  2. Watched the live cigar feed. Can’t comment though. I was watching with
    mobile device.
    Great job 

  3. I have always been a red bull fan. Just like it the best. 

  4. Hey man..how were the chews during the live show? It was awesome BTW and
    email me if you wanna sell that pimpjuice sticker… I have a stickerwall
    in my gamwroom and that would be AWESOME!!!

  5. Bryan, enjoyed the live feed last night!! On HLO, have you thought about
    doing a video on the calibration of you new TV? I’m trying to figure out
    mine now…. never calibrated one before. Checked AVS and some
    others……. it can get confusing

  6. Cereal Marshmallows

    HEY LIVEWIRE You said it now I am wondering if mine could have beat the
    ones you ordered;-) And you said Pimping Twice BEFORE you seen the
    Pimpjuice Sticker & Can..;-) I screwed up my timing as well and missed
    your livestreaam.;-( LOL I knew you didnt like them man Bake a pack in a
    cake!! The citrus ones are the Toughest ones it seems I am SO Bummed I
    missed the stream I gt all twisted up

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