Healthy Living Obsession Day 1

This is the big start! I don’t know where it’ll go but this is where it begins. I want to do daily check-ins and lots of cool stuff like finding new recipes …

healthy living

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Updated: February 4, 2014 — 2:43 am


  1. Please watch my videos talking about allergies and food intolerances. I
    used to drink a lot of crystal light and the aspartame is linked to weight
    gain, headaches and my husband can’t drink it because it gives him heart
    palpitations. It is a hard decision but, it may make a huge difference in
    how you feel. I am looking forward to watching you learn about food
    processing and additives. It is pretty scary actually..

  2. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to look in to it now!

  3. I’m a witness. You have to stay with it!

  4. Salmon is good for you. Switch to whole grain rice and do portion control
    and you’ll be fine. I agree that portion is key. Eat whole grains, cut the
    size of portions, light exercise, and you will do quite well. No reason to
    be extreme. Totally do-able. Cheers.

  5. Take advantage of the season coming up, and maybe get into some extensive
    hiking or backpacking. Your photography skills in combination with
    backpacking should have an incredible outcome..

  6. Brian, my friend, when I was dieting, my spice rack was my best friend.
    Even the blandest egg whites, chicken breasts, and pork can be made
    palatable with a diverse array of spices. And almost all of them are
    beneficial. I don’t know your proclivities when It comes to heat, but for
    me, the spicier, the better. And hot peppers kill stomach and intestinal
    parasites, have great antioxidant properties, and ramps up the metabolism.

  7. Yeah. Turns into formaldehyde at body temp, and basically gives the person
    wood alcohol poisoning. How aspartame is legal, I’ll never know.

  8. The hardest part is the first 3 weeks. Once you develop a habit it becomes
    easier. Drink lots of freezing cold water with ice in it

  9. Basically, don’t drink anything except water. Allow yourself 2 cups of
    water and no more than 16 ounces of water

  10. 2 cups of milk (not water$

  11. 16 ounces of coffee. Long night

  12. Good luck with everything Bryan

  13. You should get the LoseIt! App and start tracking what you’re taking in.

  14. And congratulations on trying to change your life. It’s tough but you can
    do it

  15. Change starts with knowing the problem. You will do great Bryan. Keep it up

  16. Hi Bryan, love the cigar reviews. A quick heart healthy sandwich: lightly
    toast 2 pieces of organic bread, light spread organic butter, slice up
    avocado and put each halve on 1 piece of bread. Using processed meats for
    sandwiches are bad. Go look around your local food coop or whole foods
    store. I hope this helps!

  17. thebeadspriteking

    I do keto. That means you exclude sugars and starch and instead eat more
    natural animal fat, protein and green vegies. Some might say it is a fad
    diet, but to most people that actually do keto, it is a lifestyle. My body
    cannot handle carbs very well so this is the way for me to live. Pros: *
    You eat a lot less * You are full for longer (I fast 18-20 h per day) * You
    can eat as many or as few times per day as you like, as long as you get the
    calories you need

  18. thebeadspriteking

    * You will rarely get cravings for sweets * Food can get way cheaper, since
    you eat a lot less (in volume). I made lunch boxes for work the other day.
    I got about 50 meals for 75 euros (about 110 USD?). * No low blood sugar
    that triggers hunger. * You loose weight. * You lower blood pressure. (and
    hell of a lot more) Cons: * You need to drink a lot of water (about a
    gallon per day) since your body will no longer store lots of water. * The
    first week is a pain (then you should be good)

  19. Cigars and Health! I am with ya! I am down 19 pounds with a whole foods
    lifestyle. Check out Forks over Knives on Hulu. Let me know if I can help
    motivate! Good luck. Shane

  20. Don’t tell yourself “I can’t eat…blahblah”. That’s where diets fail. Try
    instead to say “I will start eating more veggies and fruits etc…” That
    way it doesn’t feel like you are depriving yourself. I’ve found that by
    adding those things i no longer crave the bad crap. Good luck, sir. You can
    do it! I’m right there with you!

  21. A lifestyle. Lets talk about a caloric deficit it’s as simple as that, that
    your intake is less (not by alot) then your expenditure. If you still want
    to eat what you do but in moderation then research IIFYM (If It Fits Your
    Macronutrients) compounded with a caloric deficit is a method you could
    use. Everything is calculated from your body (BMR, Static Rate, Somatotype)
    it’s a game of math and following eating habits constantly. Coincidentally
    I am a PT/Natural Bodybuilder who liked cigars!

  22. Oh and don’t drink anything with artificial sweeteners! Thry help you gain
    weight. It does a thing to your brain and your body will store fat. That”s
    what my Doc said anyway.

  23. this is a cool thing your doing i wish i found this channel when you
    started it

  24. I commend you on your lifestyle change. Without going into too much detail,
    read the ingredient labels of ALL your products and avoid all of the
    following; Sodium nitrite, Sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate(MSG) and
    phenylalanine(Aspartame). I can offer numerous links to educate you on the
    dangers of those previously listed items.

  25. I decided to watch day 1 to see how you started. Maybe I can give you a
    modicum of inspiration. Like you, I was tubby ally life. Until I was 36.
    Then I made changes in my life. Started a new career as a programmer and
    began to exercise. I kept increasing the exercise through the years to the
    point that today (I’m 69 btw), I do a minimum of 60 minutes a day. Though I
    have old man’s aches, I’m in the best shape of my life. I eat whatever I
    want because I’m NOT strong in that area. My biometric exams are always
    almost perfect for about 20 years. I just quit cigarettes a month ago,
    after 56 years. I still work full-time at a large insurance company. Find
    what works for you and be determined. That’s all I’ve done.

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