1. i see that pink salt at the store all the time :)

  2. Did this in school 

  3. Good!

  4. Looks like of he was masterbading

  5. Now, if you don’t have access to a cow……

  6. Great now all I need is a Cow…

  7. “healthy living”: here, have an ice cream scoop of pure fat on your waffles

  8. I was always told that butter isn’t healthy and people should avoid it as
    much as possible. Learning something new everyday!

  9. really? is that simple?

  10. like my comment if you came here because of +CrazyRussianHacker lol

  11. some people say it taste bad

  12. So I’m not like regular people because I don’t use butter on a regular

  13. Yes!!!

  14. Awesome 

  15. It Looks wrong when your kids do it XD

  16. How do you add the salt after the butter has formed? Do you just mixing it
    in the container (cream it)? Or can you add it at a certain stage during
    the shaking process to really blend it in?

  17. I love this! Very nice video and helpful

  18. If you add a marble it will be easier

  19. David Machado Santos

    OMG you have some serious muscles 

  20. You should get some type of cloth (clean t shirt) and put the butter in you
    can then leave it to hang or squeeze it but not too hard to get the excess
    liquids out

  21. CrazyRussianHacker brought me here

  22. Does anyone else notice that Grant (him) looks like Cyclops from Xmen? 

  23. The Editor's Apprentice

    Try looking only at his head from 0:08 to 0:11. Only at his head

  24. Helthy to shake bt not so helty to eat so u r like wasting carbs shakeing
    but gaining eating hahahah

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