1. I’m used to working out at home with dumbbells, treadmill, DVD workouts,
    etc, so I’ve never worked out at a gym before. I’m a little nervous about
    working out at my campus gym around my peers. Any advice?

  2. are you married yet sarah?

  3. NeonNeonNeonNeonBomb

    you look fab 🙂 🙂

  4. I love these college focused videos. Please do more! I really find these
    super useful because I’m a busy college student looking to be as healthy
    and fit as possible! 🙂 Thanks Sarah!

  5. Read my blog to find out 🙂

  6. I’m actually shooting a video on Wednesday to address this EXACT question.
    Great minds think a like I guess 🙂

  7. OMG Sarah you are so awesome

  8. I totally agree with this! Not many fitness blogs or sites or youtubes
    focus on college fitness… I’m going to be a junior this fall and I always
    struggle with staying fit and healthy during the school year and always put
    on weight… I don’t want that this year!!

  9. Do you have to have Google+ to ask a question?

  10. Yes I do! I just added a link in the more info!

  11. Will it be a Fap Hangout as well?

  12. Can you do a video about the best food to keep in your dorm for day to day
    when you’re not eating in the dining hall. You’re limited to a microwave
    for cooking really… So it’s a little harder

  13. Hi, I have an ankle joint sprain (on the right leg, I fell one week ago),
    but I still want to workout just a little to be fit and feel better. I can
    do everything with my upper body and core, also want to workout my legs but
    I dont know how to not put to much pressure on my ankle, still want it to
    be equal workout on both legs. Do have any tips? :)) Btw you and your
    channel are awesome, glad Ive found you today ;))

  14. You look really beautiful in this video Sarah. 🙂

  15. Dat cleavage!

  16. Pan down with the camera please.

  17. She’s not married….she lives with her roomie AKA BF

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