1. I love salmon. Mmm.

  2. ► I love that you are living healthy at your age…it’s very mature… I’m
    also very glad that you have a man that supports that and eats similar to
    you… not alot of them out there… Always be true to yourself and never
    stop doing what makes you happy. As long as you take care of you first you
    will be able to take care of the ones you love.. You two are adorable! ♥♥


  4. I love how you straight up ate that carrot from the ground, 🙂 you’re such
    a vegetarian !

  5. Kevin must have gotten some good inheritance money from Uncle Bob to go on
    this road trip with no job and got you that GoPro too didn’t he?

  6. i love those little honey sticks! my farmers market has them but they only
    hand them out to the kids for free. i get real jealous

  7. I LOVE the area where Kevin grew up. Whats the city/state? It’s so

  8. I love speed!

  9. 1-4 dollars per thousand views depending on how many ads you put on. She
    doesn’t put on that many ads so i estimate it at $10-25 per vlog

  10. $10-$25 a day is equivalent to a job which pays $3/hr which is more than
    half below minimum wage.

  11. Kevin’s doing a great job of convincing me to move off this California

  12. Lol at when Kevin realized dot was filming

  13. 1:20 how is that landscape even real????? so beautiful!

  14. Honestly now, where did his hands go?

  15. Haha “I remember when I used to work out…” *Cut*. Brilliant!

  16. You should do a new music top picks (:

  17. Dot, I just bought the LadieDottie bag and Bear Puns album, my life is
    officially complete! Will there be any new Bear Puns songs up for purchase
    in the near future? Thank you! -Erin, 20 CT <3

  18. Well it is her Job, is why she can do the things she does, sometimes she is
    doing some video editing for people where she earns a little also. So thats
    how it is 🙂

  19. i was saying she doesn’t make money from youtube. I said nothing about
    editing for people

  20. She probably works way more hours than you do.

  21. I only told you the other sources from where she gets money, and yes she
    get’s paid by youtube, is why she is a partner. How much she get’s from
    them is not important.

  22. And also I don’t care where she get’s money from, I am here to watch her
    videos, not to speculate about her financial situation 🙂

  23. Haven’t watched the vlogs in months. Are they officially together now?

  24. ok, it was just a misconception that all youtubers make a livings off
    youtube. 🙂

  25. I watch this for the first time. I don’t know who is the guy. And from my
    neutral opinion I don’t see the thing you are talking about. He is like,
    just, meh…

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