1. Thanks for the tips! Eating right can be very difficult especially when you
    are pressed for time. Sometimes something quick might not be the best. I
    always try to balance out my dinner since i cook most of the time.

  2. No problem =) AND chips are my weakness too, I totally identified with you
    in your kale video =)

  3. Finally, a health & fitness video! Yay! Thanks for all the tips. I agree
    with Irene, eating right is not so easy to do hahaha.

  4. Same for me! We go through our ups and downs! Thanks for the support

  5. Good Video! Maybe eventually you can include work out regimens or the type
    of exercises you do to tone up arms, legs/lower body, etc 🙂 —the
    exercises that’s worked best for you

  6. I didn’t like using the treadmill also but with the invention of the iPad,
    now I love it. I find that I don’t watch TV as much which reduces sedentary
    couch time. I watch shows while on the treadmill now which makes time go by
    so fast..or listen to my workout playlist…it’s fantastic…thanks for the
    healthy lifestyle tips!

  7. Thank you! I would like to do some videos on the types of exercises to tone
    up. Weights are good for that. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Thanks for the feedback and your tip for how to make time go by on a

  9. Can you put up videos of short workout routines for a busy schedule. For
    example I’m in high school and I live an hour away, plus I don’t have much
    time because of homework. I was just wondering if you had any ideas for a
    good exercise plan that would take 30-90 minutes. Also I was wondering if
    you had any ideas for a good meal plan seeing that I can’t eat in class,
    and my scheduled lunch is usually at around 11 and it’s just awkward
    timing. Thanks a ton

  10. I’ll keep that in mind.

  11. I love your health & fitness videos girl , please do alot more . they are
    really helpful . xo

  12. Thanks, I’ll try =)

  13. Can you do fitness videos and workouts that can be done at home? Thank you!

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    life, link up with me. I have tips & an app that pays you for it.

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  18. You are a very beautiful woman! The healthy topic about which you speak
    compliments your vibrant, radiant beauty. You and you’re videos are also
    very inspirational to me 😛 I thank you

  19. Thank you very much for the kind words!

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