Healthy Foods For Kids To Eat

Help your kids eat healthy at home. Choose foods with lower fat. Choose foods with lower sugar. When you go food shopping, read the label. Choose healthy foods.

M Eat Healthy Foods Why do you need to eat healthy foods? • For energy to learn, play, and live. • To grow at a healthy rate. • To help keep your blood sugar or glucose

Help your kids eat healthy at home. When you go food shopping, read the label. Choose healthy foods. » Choose 100% whole grain breads. The first ingredient on the label

Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy Foods ~ Tips for Parents Child raising is challenging, especially when it comes to teaching children to eat healthy foods!

Aim for your child to eat as little as possible. Cholesterol What is it? care of their heart by eating heart healthy foods. American Heart Association “Healthy Recipes Kids Love” cookbook and wristband

Food and Nutrition Fun for Preschoolers March 2013 This publication is a resource for parents, educators, and child care providers interested in

Fun, Easy & Healthy Recipes BY Chef LaLa. Photography: Steven Anderson healthy eating if these foods are available in the home. Children need structure, Because kids can’t eat large quantities of food all at once, they

Enough healthy foods Enough sleep Other kids don’t like to eat meat or just want to drink instead of eating. Some do not get healthy foods at regular meals. Other children are on Take walks together and make it fun!

healthy foods and physical activity. • Every weekend, have your kids choose one Focus on fun: • Cook a healthy new meal together. production note: second side Help Your Kids Eat Healthy and Move More

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