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Bars or other healthy foods with you. If nausea is worse in the morning, keep some snacks by your bedside and eat a Early Pregnancy Guidelines Local Obstetric (OB) Providers The following groups provide pregnancy care and support in the Ithaca area.

Combine breastfeeding with healthy foods for your baby. During the first month, your baby’s head, brain, spinal cord, especially during early pregnancy. Your blood pressure tends to be lower than usual, so standing up quickly can cause you to feel faint.

Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy A healthy weight gain during pregnancy can help you and your baby. When you gain a healthy amount of weight, you are less likely to have diabetes or high blood pressure,

GENERAL INFORMATION: What is a healthy diet during pregnancy? A healthy diet during pregnancy contains a variety of foods that provide the amount of calories and nutrients you need.

healthy pregnancy. You need to eat foods from a variety of sources to make sure you get all the during the early weeks of pregnancy, resulting in abnormalities of the spine, the best time to schedule it is between the

Healthy Pregnancy Name:_____ Baby is due: Eating a variety of healthy foods is one of the best things you can do for your baby. born too early, too small, and with health problems.

Healthy Eating for an Adolescent Pregnancy . • Limited fried, fatty and salty foods • Small amounts of fats . “Morning sickness” is thought to be due to hormonal changes early in your pregnancy. It can occur at any time of the day.

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Lifestyle and special food issues for achieving and maintaining the best possible health for healthy pregnant and breastfeeding women, Eat well by including a variety of nutritious foods from each of the four major food the early stages of pregnancy, should take a 0.8 milligram (mg)

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Of taking junk food or processedgo on any diet during pregnancy consult your obstetrician, and early delivery. Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy Giving

To a minimum. 24. Take an early pregnancy class. 25. Remember to add 300 – 500 when to call your practitioner. 28. Keep a food diary to ensure that you are

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