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86 Young Children • March 2011 Being persistent and providing repeated exposures to foods is impor-tant for both teachers and families. Avoid temptations to remove healthy

Healthy Pet Foods Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff Q. "Healthy" pet foods seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. How long has this genre of food been

Acknowledgements How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle This is a simple pamphlet that outlines how to live a healthy lifestyle. You may store this pamphlet in a safe

71 Lesson 3 Food Power Balanced Diet Theme In this lesson students read an article on nutrition and apply the information contained in the article to categorize foods and plan menus.

Action plan Healthy Eating in Schools PICK YOUR PROJECT It’s good to start improving healthy food options in schools with a small-scale pilot project.

Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Food for thought – promoting healthy eating in child care by Sonja Tansey Healthy eating habits that begin early in life provide children with the nutrition they need

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from: 03B-600-7000-5 www.diabetes.org 1-800-DIABETES Buy and keep mostly healthy foods. If only healthy foods are in your

H ealthy eating and living a healthy lifestylehas a lot to do with forming the right habits. Here are seven of the best habits you can develop when it comes to healthy

Junk food: that may often be so calorie for calorie, but how about satiety? Check out this article, “ Healthy Food is a Better Deal than Junk Food “ Like this: Like 2 bloggers

Into the rivers and soil. We should all have a right to eat clean, healthy, and sustainable food. It should be a privilege to eat exotic and out-of-season food. Right now, however, we

In the New York Times article “ Healthy food for under $1 “, the author sayscan of sardines.) Fast, Easy, Healthy and Cheap! And Delicious! Does this

Of iron. Jaggery is often quoted as a healthier alternative to sugar. Latest Food Articles 9 Foods That Could Kill You 5 Best Heart-Healthy

A quarter-century of serving great, healthy food to the community and a few yearshead of steam. Here's the iBrattleboro.com article, which provides the best current

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