Healthy Food Song

Healthy Eating 32 HE-1, Page 2 9. Demonstrate proper hand washing (scrubbing all the surfaces and between your fingers) and have the group sing the ABC Song along with you.

3 Section B Lesson Plan Grade R Foundation Phase Worksheet 2: What my body needs to stay healthy * Have a discussion about healthy food and fi nd out what learners eat at home that is healthy

II˜25 ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN g Activity 8. Collage of Healthy Foods Objective • To familiarize children with healthy foods that will help keep lead from staying

A commercial for a healthy food, a song about exercise, or a poem about your heart. Perform it for your troop and their family members. Get Moving! With your troop talk about other things you can do besides watching TV, playing video games, or computer

EFNEP SESSION PLAN: Healthy Food, Healthy Families 35 AWAY Each week we will have two goals for you to work on. One will be a food goal and the other will be a physical activity goal. Let’s glance at this week’s food and physical

Opportunities to eat healthy food, • include children in healthy cook-ing activities, Duck Goose, Happy School Song, I Caught a Fish, Mama Kangaroo, Mr. Turkey, Ten Little Frogs, Six Little Ducks, and Two Little Blackbirds.

Wrap-Up: Good-bye Song 4 minutes Session Total: food and ask “Is _____ healthy?” – get the parents/kids to answer Yes or No Canada Food Guide, making healthy food choices, weekly lunch plan, food safety.

Or until brown Makes between 55 and 60 cookies Devil’s Food Cake Mix together: 1 ½ cups sugar 1 ½ cups

HEALTHY EATING SUMMER CAMP FOR KIDS Game: Healthy Options Objectives: 1. Students will be able to understand the difference between healthy and less healthy food options. METHODS LESSON CONTENT Have TAs take the students out side and continue the Song Handout . Title: CSUN Summer

Over and over again. Once I had The Song, I then located The Hill. It was stuffed myself with all the junk food within reach, I was prepared

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Vegetarian, they do not even eggs. The taste is delicious and people look very healthy, slim but in good shape. Many are naturally skinny, they have bodies like

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