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Generally, people can eat different types of food, but sometimes we are not aware that food we eaten is healthy or not for our bodies. Because as we know, beside food useful for the human body, but it can also be a poison that can decrease the body’s immune system so that we can cause disease. Therefore I will explain some foods which are very useful for human health, for example:

Humans clearly need it as a balancer and neutralizer of poison which is in the body. This is because the vegetables have fibers and vitamins that are good for the circulation of blood and form the body’s immune system naturally. By eating vegetables on a regular basis, we can better maintain the health body to support daily activities.

a healthy mind in a healthy body

Mushroom is plants type that has been famous since middle age. Besides the delicious taste, many experts say that the mushroom has a benefit that can make healthy human body. There are about 700 types of mushrooms that can be eaten by humans and the famous, among others, shiitake, maitake, reishi and ear mushroom. It can also be used as a medicine and anti aging, it’s because mushroom containing anti aging nutrient, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can improve immune function, lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar in the body and protects the body from viruses and cancer. So, mushrooms are a very useful for humans as it have many benefits for the human body.

This is the type of plants that can be used for a variety of needs. Humans usually use it as flavor when cooking. Usually we can find ginger in cooking seafood. This is because ginger can be used as detoxification so that it can prevent poisoned when eating seafood. In addition, ginger also appeared to have benefits that may be useful to the human body, such as cure indigestion, helps ease pain through anti-inflammatory compound, prevent blood clotting and prevent migraine. And the most important ginger contains geraniol which can be used to help cure the cancer.

In my country, rice becomes the main course to eat every day. But white rice in fact has a lot of sugar inside, so it giving a sweet taste when eaten. For people affected by diabetes disease, this is highly recommended not to eat white rice. Therefore, we can replace them with red rice as an alternative. Indeed, red rice does not have a sweet taste when eaten, because it only contains little sugar in it. In addition, red rice also has a lot of benefits that are useful for the human body, such as contains many nutrients which can lower blood sugar in the body, besides that it also contain antioxidants and vitamin E that are useful for human health skin. By consuming red rice regularly, we can maintain health and prevent the occurrence of disease in the long term.

With a view over some type of food above, actually we can maintain health naturally. With consume and manage a healthy eating pattern, it can prevent the occurrence of a disease that can harmful to the body of either short term or long term. So, start with foods that contain lots of vitamins and do some sports regularly so that the body remains healthy to support routine activities.

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