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Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station D3700, Austin, 106 healthy food items from categories recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy,

Resource Guide – Food Pantries Name Address Phone Number Comments Abiding Love Lutheran Church 7210 Brush Country Dr. Austin, TX 78749

Www.postersession.com The purpose of this study was to gather and analyze information to inform the policy development process for the Austin/Travis County Healthy Food Zone model

AUSTIN, TEXAS 78702 T 512.320.0222 F 512.320.0227 Join the conversation www.cppp.org to healthy food is one component of this solution. This report examines the prob – lems related to food access and affordability in low-income communities and

Austin, Texas 78714-9347 4616 West Howard Lane, Bldg. 8, Suite 840, Austin, Texas 78728 Memorandum # 13-089 TO: WIC Local Agency Food Day’s focus on healthy foods presents a great opportunity for matt.harrington@dshs.state.tx.us . TEXAS Department of State Health Services

Austin, TX Dear Community Stakeholder, Effective August 2011 and lasting until June 2013, the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services grocery store.9 Healthy food that is available was described by residents as unaffordable.10

The Steps Program in Austin–Travis County, Texas Funding Period: 2003–2008 CDC’s Steps Program funds states, cities, Program participants reported significant improvements in physical activity, healthy food consumption,

2005 Salina St, Austin TX 78722 Caritas of Mexia Blackland Neighborhood Center (512) 972 5790 CAFB St. John’s Community Food Center 500 East St Johns Ave, Austin TX 78752

, especially in parts of the South Austin community, the South Loop and Morgan Park, are living in “food oases,” where more healthful food options

On what you can do at home , at school , and in the grocery store to steer towards healthier food. One thing I've learned in making the transition to a gluten-free

Chain, but hey, it's an Austin chain! Walking distance, and tea, they also have food, REAL food (and beer). I wouldorganic and they have a heart healthy menu. Some of the things

. However. . . Technically, not local to Austin, Perdenales Brewing Fredericksburg. I met the president, Lee Hereford, at Whole Foods. He was demonstrating his

, but they provide a base of healthy foods that are easy to prepare when Ifrom Colorado to Michigan to Florida to Austin and back to Colorado. Thanks for

Yummm. This meal is definitely not of the healthy variety, but it was so satisfying my opinions of their restaurant. Food Around Austin- Chicken + Oysters

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