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Amsterdam 33145851 Amsterdam, 24 April 2014 Wessanen has completed the sale of Natudis completed. About Wessanen Royal Wessanen is a leading company in the European market for healthy and sustainable food. We realised revenue of €509 million in 2013 with on average 1,225 employees.

Edge Amsterdam Helicopterstraat 3 1059 CE Amsterdam info@edge-amsterdam.com EDGE AMSTERDAM Creative Network Agency This is a selection of our work Contact Derek Ariëns The Food Agency is a creative agency that focusses on healthy food concepts.

PRESS RELEASE Food Film Festival Amsterdam expands festival program for 2012 The Food Film Festival reveals a larger festival program for its coming edition

Identify healthy food and junk food; identify food categories in the food pyramid; and ask and tell about foods they should choose for lunches. Time Frame/Estimated Duration: Seven classes/Three and one-half hours General Tips from the Writers

Healthy Foods for Children are Healthy Foods for the Family Food Choices Choose foods from all of the food groups daily to help your child grow

Title: Quick, Healthy Meals and Snacks Author: ODPHP Subject: Preparing quick healthy meals and snacks Keywords: Whole-grain pasta, lean meats, frozen vegetables; canned fish; slow cooked multi-meals; green salads; healthy fast food choices

Children (WIC) program, beneficiaries gain access to healthy, local food while farmers and ranchers increase their customer base. USDA is helping to connect low-

Healthy Eating Tip of the Month Heart Healthy Eating for Kids We all know that Valentine’s Day is in February. Most kids look forward to getting valentines and candy.

The “Food” Fight: Recognizing the Problem Healthy eating is more important than ever before. More and more kids are becoming overweight every

To cut corners on a healthy food preparation item for your only child? The day ago (see "Faithless Woman" in Amsterdam by Foot ) and is eminently strokable

healthy eating. Everyone in Amsterdam cycles, the city  🙂 ' Eating healthy was no problem. Fresh market with fresh food as well. My room had

The sale of fresh, local, healthy foods in bodegas. Read about it by here. On my Saturday trip to Amsterdam we passed by a store

Of Amsterdam through a whole new perspective. Drool worthy, healthy vegetarian cuisine. Yummy! The best way to source for the best food in Amsterdam is to ask the locals (e.g. hotel staff

. Anyway there are crazy for healthy food, fruits, vegetablestown is incredible and quite visible in Amsterdam. The tolerance exists! Races

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