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  2. You do not have to drink milk for calcium or eat meat for protein. You can
    get your calcium from things like Collard greens,Broccoli,Spinach. You can
    also find protein in Asparagus,Lentils,Sweet potato.

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  4. hey im 14 and i weigh like 103 pounds and im like 5 3 should i diet because
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    exactly very strong either

  5. Why get low fat milk? I don’t think its necessary to get low fat milk if
    you are following the rest of this diet. Its bread and pasta and such that
    makes you fat. Just eat those with moderation and you’ll be fine.

  6. Have you ever heard about the acai berry? check it out its another good
    healthy food source that can be added to ones diet regime. Thanks for your
    video tips =)

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  13. Commit yourself to maintaining your health with the help of God

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