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The food we eat is essential in maintaining our body and its functionality. It also helps in preventing diseases. The food you eat might even affect your mood. In order to maintain a healthy body you need to consume a healthy diet with all the right nutrition needed by your body. A nutritious diet is important for good health. A Healthy and nutritious diet can helps keep you physically fit and assists in maintaining your body weight. Excessive or unhealthy diets can lead to numerous diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. You can prevent all these diseases with the help of a balanced and healthy diet. A healthy diet contains all the required components that are essential for body. No single food can give you all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. Always eat a variety of foods to provide sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and dairy products, because they are important for your health. A healthy diet contains cereals, breads, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Some dairy products are also included in a healthy diet. Your diet should consist of milk, butter, cheese and curd.
You have to take into consideration many factors when answering the question “what to eat?” Here are some of the guidelines that can help you maintain a healthy diet:

healthy diet

Eat plenty of food that is rich in fiber and grain. Fruits and vegetables provide you the benefit of fiber as well as the essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables provide the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fiber your body needs.

Cook the vegetables lightly. This can be done by steaming or stir frying.

Reduce fat intake like saturated fat. Try to eat fish, offal, poultry, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds, or sprouted seeds. Use a minimum amount of red meat and cheese.

Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar should be used as flavoring rather than a dietary component. Avoid eating too many cakes, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, puddings, ice-creams, jam, fruits canned in syrup, soft drinks, sugar in tea and coffee, and milk shakes.

Reduce your salt intake. Don’t add salt to your food. Try to use herbs, spices, fresh ginger, horseradish, lemon juice, tomato puree, vinegar, soy sauce, vegetable stock, yeast extract, chutney, and other flavorings.

Consume modest amounts of alcohol.

Exercise if you are overweight and even if you are not! You must learn to burn off excess calories by working out. It will enable you to reduce and stick to your desired body weight.

If you follow the above guidelines you will be able to reduce the chances of diseases and illness. A healthy body has a healthy and peaceful mind. Try consuming a healthy diet and avoid junk foods that can an increase in your weight. Overweight people are prone to numerous diseases. A healthy diet can improve your life tremendously. So, go on, change your diet plan and start eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and fibrous food. Eat less and exercise regularly to increase your life span.

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