1. wheres the videos? i would totally watch them if u had some

  2. My name is Morgan tooooo 🙂

  3. Well now that we got that out the way lol where is the next video on the
    actual foods? And when your on the camera just remember it is just you in
    the room and always take a deep breath before you start recoding. Trust me
    it helps:) So just remember that when you get on camera to do the steps i
    told you and you’ll be just fine dont worry about it i was nervous when i
    did broadcasting @ school so i just did the steps and i was just fine so i
    hope this will help and will watch you next video ttyl

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  9. Jennifer Kahulugan

    Fuck you spammmmsss! 🙂

  10. They are coming soon!

  11. Suzanne castro-miller

    You are so pretty!

  12. I am so subscribing! It’s hard for teens to find healthy eating tips that
    will fit into our lifestyle

  13. So like……..this had nothing to do with the title……but ok

  14. i agree with maryjaneloves kellin

  15. #sorry, bad day today!

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  22. Francesca loves you

    That was good! Keep making videos, i promise i will be here all the way.
    Can’t wait to see you become very popular!

  23. You are really pretty

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