1. Insert something in mouth to initiate gag reflex and vomit….

  2. I’m watching this as I’m eating a shit ton of gummy bears.

  3. *sees thumbnail*

  4. Model or a big slice of pizza ?

  5. first!

  6. not really

  7. The women talking is fat

  8. yeah that’s why you’re not a model this video is for models

  9. 3moRainbowSprinkles

    That was rude .

  10. Why is an obese woman telling me how to be healthy? No offense to her but I
    don’t think she should be looked to as a source of knowledge on this

  11. When i saw tips i thought ITS SOMETHING I DIDN’T FUCKING KNOW

  12. utterly pointless video

  13. This video is not useful at all.

  14. how was that rude hes disrespecting what they’re saying in the video. Are
    you having an emotional connection with my comment or something for you to
    see it as rude?

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    and green tea.

  16. It’s America. Get use to it.

  17. It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these normal people are
    able to burn off fat so easily with Xvelte Slimming Formula (search for it
    on google).

  18. 3moRainbowSprinkles

    i think that your comment period was rude just cause someone is eating
    candy or whatever dont mean they cant be a model and no its not emotional
    just common sense .models are human and they do eat shit like that they are
    just careful on how much they eat and workout , anyways have a good day i
    made my point .

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