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Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

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Natural health product review site HealthNaturalProducts.net will be reworking its website with the possibility of a complete overhaul of features and design and layout.

The website is about a year old and has already collected a healthy amount of product reviews and general content, including news and recent developments in organic and natural health products and even foods.

It has also recently started to feature special articles and blog posts that discuss “going green” and the many benefits of natural and organic food.

These entries have even discussed recent developments in organic product regulation around the world, like those of New Zealand’s proposed Natural Health Products Bill.

Representatives working for the website say that the reworking has been long needed and that “the site hasn’t been getting much reach lately.”

The site currently appears to not have been updated at all, but in fact has been updated fairly regularly. This confusion is caused by a homepage that is not updated along with news posts. These posts are located in the articles section, which isn’t very obviously seen on the homepage.

“The site is clearly in need of a little touch up as soon as possible. We’re looking towards a possible overhaul even. There’s a lot we could actually do with the site that we’re currently missing out on,” says one representative.

It would appear as though the site is looking to shift towards more legitimate content. This shift comes after a couple of new hires and new contributors have come on board the website in the past months.

About Health Natural Products

HealthNaturalProducts.net features natural health product reviews of the latest natural health products, including natural weight loss products, organic skincare products, and natural sexual enhancement products. The website also features articles and blog posts about the latest in natural and organic health products.

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