Health: Where can someone go for pHydrion testing supplies, to test saliva or urine?

I want to check my pH. I've seen the supplies in plenty of places online, and for cheap, but where would you go to get it locally? Would a Walmart have it? Or could you just go to the pool supply shop (does it really matter whether it's for industry or health, as is the case here)?


A health food store would be a better choice – There are a lot of testing sheets for the pH testing but you want the narrow range from 5 to 8 as that is where most of range of the body

IF you are way above or below a pH of 5 or 8 – you are on your way to dying

Learn how to find the foods that will raise the pH – a body that is slightly above 7 is much more resistance to disease but if you are taking ANY medications – they all tend to make the body acidic – hindering healing

Put Lemon in water and drink it – excellent for making the body more alkaline

Here is something I did not know until recently – it is the END product of the digestion (burning of food) that says whether the food is acidic or alkaline – eg Lemon is acidic but when oxidized in the body the product is alkaline which is exactly what you want!!!!!!!

Good luck

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