1. I was addicted to painkillers for 6 years. I would take physical pain over
    withdrawal pain 10 times over. And you’re right, after a while I wasn’t
    taking them to relieve the pain which got me prescribed the pills, I was
    taking them to just to try and function normally. Opiate withdrawal is the
    worst ever. 

  2. I don’t know what a knife or an overly rusty nail in my back feels like.

  3. I’am impressed and saddened by this bro. Impressed you got a grip on the
    mind set and realized how quick things changed and already are starting to
    adjust to it. It’s sad that you gotta deal with it and the meds that go
    with it and the complications they cause. It’s awesome you went 5 days
    without the meds if you keep doing that it will raise the pain tolerance
    and you’ll be able to go without the meds longer and longer each time. Good
    luck and hope they can do something to help you more.

  4. I’m just glad your feeling better drift0r… hang in there 

  5. Ahahaha

  6. Have you considered a sit and stand desk? You can lower and raise them for
    working either while standing or sitting. Levelcap has made a video or two
    about his

  7. Drift0r, just get to cover. I know it’s easy to take Painkiller as your
    streak, but that shit’s gone since MW2.

  8. #His_NAME_is_Brad_:)

  9. Lol at the dog on the right at the end!

  10. 11:57 twerking dog

  11. 4 years ago I almost got my leg rammed by a car tire that came off a car
    while they were driving down a street. I was fortunate enough to avoid that
    one but then 3 years ago I stretched the ligaments in my ankle and the year
    after that I injured both my ankles. Putting a little bit of pressure on it
    gives some pain and I know what it’s like no matter where you are or how
    you feel there is pain. Sorry you had to go through this. It really does
    give a different perspective on life and how good people really do have it.
    I hope you get better quick. 

  12. Feels like if Bruce lee kicked me in the thigh… Give that a moment to
    sink in.

  13. Is… Drift0rs name… Brad? Did I hear that right (9:27)

  14. I wish you well brother

  15. Hey driftor this completely relates to my situation thanks so much for the

  16. Glad to hear ur doing better and stay strong.

  17. Drift0r, so glad to hear you’re better! I had back pain years ago in the
    same very lower back area..I would highly recommend a chiropractor! It
    totally solved my problem, and could get off the meds right away.

  18. whooa did you say your real name was Brad …. i think you did its a
    breakthrough :)

  19. Where do you live? Get a card for medical marijuana.

  20. how did you sleep if you cant sit….. man thats rough i hope you get

  21. i actually learn a lot from drift0r its like another school period in the
    day except shorter and funner

  22. get well soon man. 

  23. I know exactly what your talking about. I just had rotator cuff surgery and
    the pain has been unbelievable at times which makes me very short tempered.

  24. Lol at the dog twerking at the end of the game.

  25. That is true. There are different ways to be addicted. Some people hurt so
    bad & the opiates make them able to live their life(for the time before
    they wear off) normal again. They don’t enjoy the “high” but they become
    physically dependant on them, meaning if they stop they’ll have withdrawal
    & the pain will be worse. Then there’s people like me who love the high
    from opiates. Once addiction sets in though…even if you want to stop its
    very difficult. If you’ve never done drugs & want to understand
    better…quit drinking caffeinated drinks(assuming you do drink them)
    because caffeine is a drug. After a day or 2 withdrawal should set in.
    Usually a migraine with caffeine. Also you’ll have less energy than normal
    & probably get irritable.

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