1. Aaaaah reminds me such much of The Walking Dead! Can’t wait for the 10th

  2. ADAM AND EVE (I can’t even spell KILL ME NOW???!!!!?!!)

  3. Zombie / cannibal babies? Well, considering the absurd music videos out
    there, this might as well could’ve been the original one for this song… 😛

  4. If I ever have to shoot my way through a Brazilian and kill a corrupt
    public official, I want it to be to this song.


  6. worst mother fuckking video ever why the hell u used childre into it

  7. Still WHAT THE FUCK

  8. They may have forced children to act like abominations, but at least they
    can fucking spell.

  9. nice music, but video bot so much.

  10. The pacifier at the end though

  11. epic, thank you.

  12. i’d SO play the shit out of a Max Payne vs baby zombies game.

  13. MAX PAYNE!!!

  14. Максим Черных

    looks more like a sequel to “A Serbian Film” 😀 Great song still.

  15. lol!

  16. Jesse! JESSE!

  17. you are damn right! fuck this shit. I mean this is just sick!

  18. This is messed up

  19. My, my, you guys are sensitive… I thought the message in this video is

  20. That was some fucked up daycare…

  21. What parent in their right mind would allow their child to be in such a
    sick video???? 

  22. i think the message is pretty obvious… it starts with A and ends with N.

  23. People are so sensitive over the fact there are babies in the video. It was
    a great video, the babies are clueless and it’s just a video. Eventually,
    Sesame Street will be considered horrible. C’mon people, get off your over
    offended, over sensitive minds and lighten up. There have been worse in tv
    shows and horror films in the past. Today can’t all be about cute teddy
    bears and rainbows. Better things out there to be offended or upset over.

  24. I’m lost at the meaning behind this.

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