1. Happy holidays! For your amusement and education, the Health Ranger sings
    the Twelve Days of Christmas… (sort of)

  2. All I want for Christmas is to wake up from this nightmare of a world.

  3. This made my day. Thank you Mike Adams, I hope your food research that you
    plan on releasing this January is coming well!

  4. frostythesnowman333


  5. Love your creativity HR. I know you’re busy behind the scenes, but I wish
    you’d be more relevant and put out more reports.

  6. NaturalNews.com – Health Ranger sings the Twelve Days of Christmas: Health
    Ranger sings the Twelve Days of Christmas Merry Christmas from the Health
    Ranger and the Natural News Forensic Food Lab From: TheHealthRanger Views:
    42 17 ratings Time: 05:37 More in Entertainment

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