1. Here’s a quick teaser on our big food science announcement coming 1/7/2014

  2. Why till January 7 why not now the quicker the better

  3. As the established great humanitarian you are, I can’t wait for this truth
    to enable us to help all willing to listen. The efforts one focuses on
    defines their place in the circle of humanity. Thank you Mike.

  4. I don’t want to wait even one day! If a person ate health foods in the 60’s
    you were considered a weirdo and a person who wasted money. It was white
    Wonder bread and Kool-aide. Taboo in my childhood home.

  5. You may be the most important person on earth today. I mean it,you get
    it,you see it and your doing something about it. I love it ! Go Mike Go !

  6. I’m exited!

  7. I’m praying for you and your staff Mike. You’re doing the right thing, but
    you’re about to kick a hornets nest, that is filled with the most evil
    creatures on this planet.

  8. talk about selling you the truth =(

  9. Are you also going to expose this in the Alex Jones show?
    Any way thanks for your hard work and good luck, greetings from Belgium

  10. BRING IT ON Mike and team!
    Enough of this deliberate POISONING of humanity and OUR precious planet.
    ~South Africa~ xox

  11. breitbart he was going to have ground braking truth look what happend

  12. I am looking forward to your video. Take care,be safe. And thank you for

  13. all i see is teasers grrrrrrr

  14. Waiting…

  15. I’m grateful for your work.
    Thanks so much!

  16. Mike Adams = modern-day Upton Sinclair…
    I’m very excited to see your research! God Bless, from OH :)

  17. Food labels are not designed to inform you. They’re designed to hide
    things from you. This coming January Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com will
    reveal a groundbreaking discovery that will reshape the food industry –
    forever! The people will be enlightened. The corporations will be exposed.
    January 7, 2014. Because the truth cannot be kept a secret any longer. –
    Mike Adams

    This is how I want to post this video when I share it on G+. I will be
    counting the days until January 7th. Thank you Mike isn’t enough to
    express my deep gratitude for all you do. One more thing. It would be
    great if NaturalNews members like me are allowed to repost your video

    United in the struggle and with much Love – Ambriel

  18. I’ll be donating a kidney soon to a family member and I hope the heck
    processed food won’t ruin my other.

  19. So you wait 2 moths ^.^

  20. Go get em.


  22. this better be good. I don’t need great commercials getting me pumped up
    for what? disappointment

  23. Teeth gnawing… too much anticipation, Mike!


    Miss ya on the radio!

    Can’t wait to see your project to be revealed.

    Good luck processing the final touches!

  24. Uh…Mike? Don’t you remember what happened to Breitbart? Why are you
    holding out on us for a month and a half??

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