health promotion prgrams for cardiovascular disease?

what is a health promotion program that is government run and non government

Cardiovascular Disease(CVD)

Work of the Australian Government on CVD

The work of the Australian Government in relation to cardiovascular disease (CVD) is shaped by the National Chronic Disease Strategy, which was endorsed at the Australian Health Ministers' Conference in 2005.

Cardiovascular disease

The National Chronic Disease Strategy provides an overarching framework for improving chronic disease prevention and management in Australia and is complemented by National Service Improvement Frameworks for five chronic diseases, including heart, stroke and vascular disease.

More information on the National chronic disease strategy and the National service improvement framework for heart, stroke and vascular disease

Investing in CVD research

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) invests in CVD research. In 2008, the NHMRC invested more than $102 million for 626 active research grants into CVD.

More information on research investment in CVD

Monitoring CVD

The National Centre for Monitoring Cardiovascular Disease within the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare analyses and reports on CVD data. Publications cover topics such as CVD trends, expenditure, prevalence and risk factors.

Publications of National Centre for Monitoring Cardiovascular Disease

Treating and Managing CVD

Most recent data from 2004-05 estimates that 11.2% of national healthcare expenditure was allocated to CVD1. This equates to almost $6 billion. The Australian Government contributed to this expenditure through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the Medicare Benefits Scheme and the Australian Health Care Agreements (now known as the National Healthcare Agreement).

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