Health & Performance Related Fitness Club Components

Fitness club Vancouver is known to play a significant role in keeping individuals physically fit and mentally strong. The gyms deal all essential components of fitness and help one to understand the interdependence between them.


Health and performance related components are different and through this article we will come to know about such components in detail.

Major health related components are as follows:

Body composition

Body composition is all about percentages of bone, fat and muscle in bodies. Two people of same height may have different weight due to body composition. To be fit and fine, an adult male should have between 6 and 24 percent fat while a female should have 14-31% of fat. And gyms have been coming up with a range of exercise options to help individuals maintain their ideal body composition.

Muscular strength

The muscular strength can be defined as the force that muscles can exert against resistance. With regular exercises, muscles can remain in use and become strong in terms of push, pull, twist, jump, turn, and bend. Selecting the right kind of muscular exercise can help one to maintain strong back and abdominal muscles and lower back pain.


More your body is flexible less will be the chance to get injury. Flexibility in some joints can be enhanced to a certain degree through various exercises. Modern fitness club can be seen coming with different stretching based activities to help individuals improving flexibility.

Now, let’s get to know about some essential performance related components.


Energy can be increased with the selection of ideal fitness activity. Three essential ways are there to get one motivated to power through workouts of choice. One is required to determine best time of the day, set fitness goals and try different activity options to achieve specific fitness goals. Personal training, yoga, zumba, spinning and many more options can be seen in fitness club Vancouver.

Speed & quickness

Another essential fitness component is speed and quickness. Practicing exercises regularly increase stamina of the person and this helps in completing a given physical task more effectively, with great speed and quickly.

Motor skill

Combination of cognitive and physical processes to complete a given task quickly and effectively is motor skill. Performance level is enhanced with different activities like running, yoga classes and other personal training plans.

Thus, fitness and performance components altogether are major concerns of modern fitness clubs to ensure complete physical and mental fitness of individuals.

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