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In the civilized world, we are often inundated with illness or disease we cannot seem to account for or understand. We are not taught to be responsible for our health.

The civilized world’s medical systems will typically treat illness with a synthetic material, to alleviate or help alleviate a symptom of said illness. In reality, this is only adding fuel to the fire.

Disease is aptly named, for it is actually ‘dis-ease’. Meaning, the body is out of ease. Most civilized people have not been taught, nor do they realize they need to listen to their body and obey what it is trying to tell them. When disease or symptoms show up, it is the body’s way of saying: “Fix me. I have foreign entities in me.” Or, “I’m too toxic. I just can’t handle it anymore!!”.

Instead, we generally go to someone trained to treat a symptom instead of the cause. Most people will continue to use synthetic pharmaceutical drugs in any health condition, and that is their option. What the body truly not only desires, but is demanding, are the tools it needs to allow it to heal itself, which drugs cannot do.

Because we are subject in civilized countries to hundreds and even thousands of chemicals on a daily basis, we are more prone to disease just by this alone. Ideally, we should avoid as many synthetics as we can. Our bodies, and our minds, will be very appreciative.

The human body is a very intricate machine with the capability to heal itself, from any illness or disease one may have acquired in their lifetime. There are various types of healing methods, all of which have their place.

Energy, color, spiritual, food, herbal & aromatherapy healing are all valuable tools to help one who has disease. For someone to say one of these tools is worthless generally indicates a lack of knowledge and understanding. A little knowledge could save your life.

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