Health, Fitness, and Productivity: Fully Committed in 2013

Yahoo! asked readers and contributors to share their progress on health-related New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Here is one perspective.

I woke up Dec. 31, 2012 and stared toward the rebounder at end of the hallway. It was a Christmas gift. I’d made it through the holidays with a healthy vegan eating plan and yet, the fitness component of my health goals hadn’t begun.


That’s my New Year’s resolution, I thought.

My plan for the first 30 days is to practice yoga only for 45 minutes everyday. After 30 days, I will incorporate cardiovascular exercises (with the rebounder) and resistance training.

I know what you’re thinking, “Did I stick with it?”

The answer is yes and no. I’ve practiced yoga for three days consecutively beginning Jan. 19, 2013. What changed? I did. I have united my fitness and health resolutions with my productivity goals. As a result, I am resolved. Through this experience, I’ve learned:

I must be resolved — committed.

I must affirm my goals daily.

I have to forgive myself if I fail.

Most importantly, I have discovered my will only matches my determination and focus. This year, I won’t lose sight of my goals because I’m fully committed.

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