1. natalexwolffluv123

    Thank you! (:

  2. “you don’t have to be 19 to like a band like this…” lol.

  3. I came here because of my good taste in music

  4. Maadraassoo Maadraassoo

    Despertares Musicales… http://youtu.be/EWZxThGh5wQ

  5. hoe come kesha has 100 billion veiws

  6. i just fingered myself for this song

  7. Looks like I’m in the Narnia part of Youtube again.

  8. If they could put Kenny Chesney’s voice in the lead singer’s throat so we
    could all HEAR what he’s saying, this piece would be as kick-ass as its

  9. Every time I get high, I listen to this entire album. This has happened
    over 50 times now.

  10. thisband sounded a little cool, but the frodo like singer is just out of
    place, and the chino guy of the band thinks he is jonny greenwood, a
    message to jupiter/ diss this unnatractive guys, find annother musisians
    and start all over

  11. Saw that too! With Kontravoid. One of the best damn shows.

  12. Wow! This evening i found out more about the Ting Tings, and i was so
    surprised! Then a friend came along with Kasabian……double Wow! Then
    this same dude said: ‘now ya gonna go three times ‘wow’, and gave me this –

  13. Suicidal hipsters that is.

  14. Doesn’t matter at all

  15. what’s up gang?

  16. Merci Skins 🙂

  17. +1

  18. Desconexión…..

  19. time for

  20. you just made my day, bro

  21. Mass suicide is the next big fad.

  22. Reminds me a lot of the grunge and industrial music videos from the mid 90s,

  23. Peace love dove babies.

  24. It’s a woodland critter Christmas

  25. Life Changed

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