Health club couple are raising the bar.

Ahusband and wife team are upping the tempo of health provision

Fitness Girl Tina Cross Arabia from ilovefemalemuscle.com

while studying full-time at a North university.

Lesslie (correct) and Adam Oliver, who have spent most of their

working lives in the health and fitness industry, have launched a health

club on North Tyneside which focuses on self esteem as well as health

and fitness programmes.

The couple, who are both studying full-time at Northumbria

University for integrated health degrees, have opened Positive Image

(NE) on Borough Road, North Shields, and now have plans for an

integrated health centre. The health centre incorporates complementary

and traditional healthcare and the pair work in conjunction with health

care professionals.

Positive Image already offers a range of services including

personal training and rehabilitation, nutrition advice, sports therapy,

Swedish massage Swed·ish massage
A system of therapeutic massage and exercise for the muscles and joints, developed in Sweden in the 19th century. , reflexology Reflexology

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