Health Care – Right Or Privilege?

Is health care a privilege or right? Ever seen such a simple question trip up so many astute minds? Gosh man, how hard is this to think through.

So I was listening to this liberal talk show host, and she was screaming about what the constitution says about the welfare of the people.. yakity yak. And in her liberal mind, that means health care is a right. Good for her huge liberal conscience. But she is wrong. Well partially.

And as to those who say health care is  a privilege, well you too are stricken with bumper-stickermentalitis. Not so.

Here is your cheat sheet for this question.

Health Care is a Right to A Privilege?  Does that make sense? Ok, here is your lifeline.

Any economy as advanced as the US economy is, has within it intrinsic value created over decades and even centuries by the vehicles of production. Of course the most important of these being human capital. And so the question is how do you best use this intrinsic value? One way is national security. Another is social security. And another has to be one of the fundamentals that determine your level of productivity and  state of living — health management.

See how easy and logical this is? The privilege has been built up over decades; and the right to this privilege kicks in when we decide it’s time for it to kick in.

The problem is our minds are so fried from the heat of political hot air. Ideology trumps common sense, and sadly even values. Like so many areas in the American way of life, we have gone wide and extremely shallow. Prepared to go to the fringes for effect or to salve whatever the hell we think is hurting us, the extent of our thinking on issues that should matter to us and our children goes no further than “fit it on a bumper sticker.”

Its not so hard after all to give a simple answer to a simple question. But do you know why none of our politicians have ever been able to give the correct answer to this right or previlige question? One word. Pandering. Pandering because they themselves lack even that which they come professing to provide – leadership. And so all they can offer is comfort to those whose support they crave in the form of sameness. See I am just like you, even if you are completely wrong. I am just like you.

Then if that is the valid approach for leadership to take, what do we need leadership for? To massage our egos and give us a false sense of security?

A simple issue such as the provision of health care in a highly developed industrialized country resulted in  a high level of distaste and flim-flammery partially because we failed to answer a simple question correctly for no other reason that we are more  interested in pandering. Are you starting to see how dangerous this pandering can be?

Yeah, sometimes it makes us get stupid.

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