Health care plan that would work?

The countries that the Liberals quote as having better health care than the USA, DO NOT have a public health care plan.

They have private insurance companies compete. Health care premiums are progressive and income based. With heavy handed regulation on payment within 5 days and pre-exisitng conditions covered. And regulation on overhead costs.

Why hasn't that even been proposed by the Democrats?

Do they really just want to take over 1/6 of the economy?

Maybe they can see why people are suspicious and see it for what it is.

Is that why they are trying to play the race card to end the dialogue about it?

Alot of questions I know.

Universal Health Care does not require a public option. For example, Germany and Switzerland provide Universal Health Care and there is no public option there but they spend less on health care than we do and get similar health outcomes.

Why? Their health insurance companies use a different business model than we do. They make profits on providing basic care. This gives US health insurance companies the incentive to take in payments and deny care when it can. The other health insurance companies make profits on the number of members in their plan. They have incentive on keeping their members happy. The best way to force companies to adopt that model is to introduce the public option. Blue Cross and Blue Shield once used this model.

This will not lead to government takeover of health care industry. If you believe that, you underestimate the power and creativity of capitalists. I do not play the race card and most liberal answers on health care issue do not play the race card. We play the evidence and reason card.

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