Health according to World Health Organization “ A state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well-being.”

Health is the most exllent source for religious Merit, Material prosperity, Personal desires and The final liberation.

Our Life os full of reverses, difficulties and obstacles. Everyone wants Peace in Life. Worry and Anxiety disturb us too often.

The vedic Astrology and Ayurvedic system of Medicine tell us that certain Planets can have effects on bodily organs and parts of the Body. The Planets are also have effect on our Mind and Subtle parts of our consciousness.

BODY is the primary means of securing Dharma. For pertaining Dharma striving for economic prosperity, fulfilling personal desires for all these.. Health is the most excellent source. Diseases are the robbers of this source as well as the Splendour of Living.

The span of Life is a combination of The Body, The Senses, The Mind and The Soul.

MIND is a substance that exists within the Body in a Subtle form. Mind is the essence of Life. Knowledge is the essence of Mind. Delight is the essence of Knowledge. The Air alone is the controller and the Leader and the guide of the Mind.

The knowledge born out of experience is MEMORY. Memory is the special knowledge of the meanings of the past. By Purity of Food ensures purity of Mind. By purity of Mind ensures steady recollection, when recollection is secured there will be a Liberation of all knots.

BODY and MIND are the seats of Diseases as well as Happiness.

• Health * Debtlessness * Not Living far away from Home for Lively hood. * Coming into Associan with the Good people * A protection which is according to one’s qwn liking * Living without Fear …. These Six are Happiness in the world of the Human beings.

If Mind is Healthy The Body will be Healthy. If Mind is not Healthy The Body will not be Healthy.

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