1. Need an all-natural remedy for allergies, migraines/headaches, sinus
    pressure or even bad breath? Try the Oil Pulling Method! This video will
    show you how.

  2. I’ve been oil pulling for about 2 months now. It’s greatly improved my gum

  3. Glad to see a new vid from you, you always share the best remedies!

  4. Great video luv!! so giving this a try!! can I use extra virgin olive oil
    for this? 

  5. What toothpaste do you use to brush you teeth?

  6. fran i saw a similar video on holistichabits chanel and she said that she
    1st brush her teeth and then do the oil pulling ?! now i´m a little bit

  7. We love you girl <3

  8. Fran, a long time ago you did a video and talked about the oil pulling
    method and I thought you were crazy YET I was curious enough to research it
    further (i know I’m crazy too lol) I have now been using this method for
    almost 9 months or so and use it EVERY DAY. my allergies were so bad that
    in 1 day I took 9 pills, inhaler, nasal spray &, nebulizer NOT TO MENTION
    the physical ailments I had. Did you hear me… I said HAD… I saw
    immediate relief first with sleeping, then taking medications less, 4
    months into it my physical ailments stopped and things got better and
    better and better. Before oil pulling I never ever had a good physical
    health day..EVER… a mental health day yes b/c through it all I couldn’t
    let my spirit faulter. But if someone is wandering (like me) if you or this
    is for real YES IT IS? my dentist noticed too. He said I’ve never heard of
    it but keep doing what you’re doing… btw I use extra virgin coconut oil
    thank you so much for bringing this information to the masses… many
    blessings to you….

  9. Omg fran I love you…I’m really gonna try this I have sinus and severe
    fibromyalgia and knee and neck arthritis

  10. I started oil pulling waaaaay back when you first recommended it because
    when I researched more about it I found that it eliminates toxins from your
    glands and I suffer from severe tonsillitis especially when winter comes
    and room temp water is too cold for my tonsils to take and ever since I
    started I haven’t been back to the hospital for my tonsils (mind you I used
    to have to go at least 2 times during winter to get shots because they’d
    swell up so bad). I definitely recommend this if you have tonsillitis like
    me. Oh, I use sunflower seed oil btw and it works wonders for me but going
    to switch to sesame oil because I can’t find the natural, cold pressed
    sunflower oil I used to use in the stores anymore.

  11. Thanks for this great video post. I was wondering what was the big
    difference between the sesame oil versus the other oils you tried? Why did
    you find sesame oil more beneficial? Love your videos! 

  12. …interesting …. my bf and I are looking to start a plan for us to lose
    weight this would be a great start. What do you think about Aloe Vera
    juicing for weight loss/management?

  13. Hey Fran. I started pulling oil after watching an old video of urs and my
    dentist commented on my better oral health. I did use sesame seed oil but I
    used to gag and throw it up. I switched to coconut and I’m agreeing with it
    more. Thanks 

  14. This sounds awesome- is this better than the bentonite clay detox? 

  15. awesome!! Can’t wait to try it! 

  16. have you ever used castor oil? I currently have castor oil and coconut oil
    in my supply and I’m definitely interested in trying this method. Thanks.

  17. I started oil pulling when I saw your video earlier in the year. I do it
    every morning before I brush my teeth. I find it easier to do while
    showering so I’m not thinking about the oil in my mouth. I notice in the
    very rare times I wake up with a little tickle at the back of my throat
    (perhaps 3x in the past 10 months), once I oil pull and brush my teeth,
    that scratchy sensation disappears. 

  18. I have so much research into oil pulling but have yet to try it. After your
    reminder of all of the benefits I’m not sure why I’m waiting. *heads to the
    store for sesame oil!*

  19. So I’ve been doing this for a month now and the first week I did get sick.
    I didn’t stop cuz I read more about why I was feeling sick and realized I
    was going through the detox period. I always have weird stomach feelings I
    want to heal it so bad. It hasn’t gone away yet but what did already seem
    to heal is my small eczema outbreak on my neck, my gums bleeding a whole
    lot less, and the excessive mucous I had lessened as well. Will continue
    this habit for sure. Thank you.

  20. I love natural remedies and I love you for sharing them !!! 

  21. I started doing this after I saw a video from you a while ago and I love
    it. I usually do it first thing in the morning while taking a shower (I try
    to do it every morning, but don’t always make it). My teeth and tongue feel
    cleaner when I brush and my mouth is healthier over all. I also no longer
    have post nasal drip. 

  22. blackwhiteandkhakhi

    Oil pulling cured my eczema! Unfortunately if i skip a day i get a flare
    up! But if i oil pull for a week my eczema clears up!

  23. This is very interesting, thanx for sharing. Will most definitely try it
    out. I’m recovering from a major cold/flu I seem to get multiple times over
    the fall/winter season, hope this helps.

  24. tried this the other day! going to keep up with it after your

  25. Yay!!! You pronounce Ayurveda cute! I still need to try this!

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