1. become a vegetarian!

  2. Don’t eat chicken simple.

  3. alex you keep claiming that you are against the mainstream media, so why do
    you constantly piggy back their stories for your own agenda and ratings?

  4. We have to experience hell to appreciate heaven. People care more about
    things now than people. They see the accumulation of one’s material
    possessions and grant worth to those who acquire things instead of those
    who promote the intellectual growth of the mind of man. Our leaders center
    the value of those in society to those who pay the most in tribute to our
    kingdom through their tax/debt servitude. And those who pay the most in
    tribute want those who know how to lively freely from the bounty of this
    planet to be persecuted and to die because they choose to see the greater
    truth that is a free and enlightened population. The Presence that is the
    source for our bodies that are the conduit of the transmissions will be
    filled with the knowledge of creation and the value of the conscious and
    aware mind will become manifest. We believe things in this world, and then
    we manifest them. Everything we believe in this world has become
    manifested. We dream and our dreams become realities when we choose to
    believe in them. If you can Conceive it, and you can believe it, you can
    achieve it.

  5. BTW my 18 year old has every symptom of the flu and was given the swab on
    Friday. She seemed to be getting better on Friday but her lungs are worse
    and I will probably have to take to the hospital today if she gets any
    worse. She has been throwing up and she says her lungs hurt. I listened and
    I have not heard any popping or signs of infusion but I’m worried about
    that fast pneumonia. I will have to put Christmas on hold and just make
    some simple gifts while I stay home and take care of my baby.

  6. sky trails 

  7. Alex – our own lives, and that of our family and friends, are only on loan
    to us. We should use it to the best of our advantage and attempt to do good
    for ourselves and others too. From what I see of you as a fellow man you
    are doing your best, and being a success. A guy whom I respect greatly.
    Sometimes we, as individuals, get depressed at what life throws at us. Grab
    the instant and glory in the fact that our ‘loan’ is still valid. We still
    have the ability to do good. We are allowed to be depressed. It’s natural.
    We are not allowed to be depressed all the time. – so THINK and BE positive
    buddy. Me? Oh I got cancer returned, diabeties, chronic heart failure and
    COPD – no lies – but LIFE is GREAT. Keep kicking buddy 🙂 Blessings.

  8. It’s called an acute case of gov flu symtoms….GMO, Chemtrails, Fukushima,
    Fluoride, mixed in with Poverty.

  9. Actually I know it was Sars or severe acute respiratory syndrome.

  10. Jones is really whoring himself with his line of products these days.

  11. We want to see Linda West and Lisa Ann McAdoo mud wrestle.

  12. Superstition is NOT going to fix this and put these psychopaths out of

    Battling invisible beings or praying to others will do NOTHING to stop
    these international criminals.

  13. Just thought i would mention that every movie i have watched for the last
    two weeks have mentioned the NEW WORLD ORDER. They are telling us in the
    movies that this is going to happen and what is going to happpen. You just
    need to pay attention to it. Why aren’t you telling people about that. And
    sorry about your uncle but we have not had any illness here like that and
    no police states here. I got pulled over and instead of getting a ticket i
    got a warning cause i was speeding and the officer was so sweet that we
    started laughing. Its not hitting Northeastern Montana and i would like to
    know why we aren’t getting what you say is happening all over the
    world?????????????Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm are you going to answer my questions? Most
    likely not cause you don’t have the answers right!!

  14. From my research, China now owns most of the chicken farms, is it possible
    they are injecting this into our chicken and we are being killed by the

  15. Nasty!

  16. The MSM is headlining their articles about Duck Dynasty with “racist
    remarks”. So, they are unjustly playing the race card on an issue that has
    nothing to do with race to stir the pot even more. Interestingly the
    articles will never point out one racist thing that this Duck Dynasty guy
    says and only repeat the his comments about homosexuality.

  17. Alex,
    If you desire, if you will it, they will listen and do as you wish.

  18. I had something strange that happened just a few days ago and ended up in
    the Hospital. I was released, but the doctors had no idea what it was! No
    diagnosis at all! I can tell you this…. It was Not the flu!

  19. soon everyone will be hand bowling their water…boiling it kills bacteria
    but I don’t know if it kills everything.

  20. Smash the GENOCIDAL anti-White system with a consistent message. Nothing is
    more powerful than sound!
    Africa for the Africans
    Asia for the Asians
    White countries for EVERYONE!?
    That’s genocide!
    Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White!

  21. I wonder how many years have been taken off alex’s life due to his
    paranoia…take a chill pill man! Go on a vacation or something!

  22. Alex we love you man. May God help your Uncle and keep us all safe. Alex we
    need you to stay strong. Please take a vacation. Then come back to us.

  23. I’m not the smartest guy, but maybe this could be a possibility…?

    Hope this might help?
    Take Care 

  24. stick to the subject at hand. the title saids illness talk about that. 

  25. ainfection with Mycoplasmahominis and/or Ureaplasma species in various
    patient populations:
    Urethritis (Ureaplasma only)
    Pelvic inflammatory disease (M hominis only)
    Urinary calculi (Ureaplasma only)
    Endometritis or chorioamnionitis
    Infectious arthritis
    Surgical and nonsurgical wound infections
    Preterm labor (Ureaplasma only)
    Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma organisms often play minor roles as causes of the
    above-named conditions, which may be caused by various microorganisms. When
    present in patients with some of these conditions, such as salpingitis,
    urethritis, and septic arthritis, one of several etiologic organisms may be
    present simultaneously.

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