1. @1:33 I was wondering where Steve was going with this… wasn’t
    disappointed XD 

  2. Mexican Americans, they go to night school, and get B’s in Spanish–best
    Cheech singing voice.

  3. I love that painting of Breaking Bad in the background (the one of everyone
    on the mountain)! It’s so awesome! I love it! I saw it online and then once
    I saw it in this video, it was a whole sudden realization that it’s
    available to buy prints of it!! O_O SWEET! 

  4. i feel like more than half the time, trish has no idea what to say or what
    anyone is talking about. 

  5. hey Trisha, u can not be as sexy and make me a boner, now that Paul Walker
    is dead! 

  6. Sorry I know this has nothing to do with the bloopers video but I just
    wanted to let all the PSN members know that there is a flash sale on the PS
    Store and I just got Bioshock infinite for 14 bucks. So just FYI.


  8. they never get the outro theme right, all the times someone has tried its
    never quite right. or they do the wrong theme for the episode

  9. meg has a flagon with a dragon!

  10. steves so annoying…..need less steve and more of everyone else 

  11. anyone know the poster on the right side of steve during the breaking bad
    box opening?

  12. Can we get a blooper reel without Steve in any of it? Ya know just to
    change it up.

  13. missunderstoodmaniac

    seems to be an interesting mix of Steve-haters and Steve-lovers, here in
    the comment section.

    ~to the haters: Steve won’t be fired just because you don’t like him. Steve
    also doesn’t have to change his personality simply because you don’t like
    ~to the lovers: the haters are right when they say he talks over the other
    hosts… and his humor is certainly an acquired taste.

    so let’s all calm down now, okay? okay.

  14. I started freaking out when they started singing my hero

  15. Sorry steve but people can pee while having sex R.kelly did it

  16. There should be 2 videos, Steve f**king about and bloopers

  17. How can anyone not like Steve? He’s fucking hilarious!



  20. what is that steve video where he plays that game and talks about “health”?

  21. TRISH I always thought it was Sergent Eric, you’re totally justified!

  22. Trisha Tries to Understand Metal Lyrics: Episode One: White Knuckles by
    Five Finger Death Punch.

  23. https://soundcloud.com/juan-torres-29

  24. I feel like they forgot the most obvious Hero song David Bowie – Heroes

  25. Organic TableTalk

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