1. Happy New Year Planet Earth—2014! What are your resolutions this year?
    Leave me a comment!

  2. Want a motovation video? This is that. Lets see if we can get a reddit hug
    on this video 🙂 Another awesome video Tony.

  3. Happy New Year Tony , Wish you the best! :)

  4. Leopoldo Astudillo

    Inspiring!…Really inspiring for me and my Old Man…Happy 2014! :)

  5. Happy New Year Tony! Just want to say that you made a large impact on my
    2013 and helped me very much. I am happier than i have ever been thanks to
    you, your products, and beachbody. Cheers to a great 2014. Bring It!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration, Tony. I was going to skip my workout today,
    being New Years Day and all, but now I’m going to throw in CardoX and get
    my heart rate up at least bit. Happy New Year!

  7. Tony is awesome! He changed my life with P90X … My goal in life is to
    look like you when I’m 55 

  8. P90X3 arrived on 12/31 and I started it that day. I love it! I’ve done P90X
    and P90X2…. and X3 is gonna’ be great. Thanks Tony and Beachbody!

  9. Happy New Year Tony Horton. You are truly amazing! The kindness of your
    heart is TRUE! I don’t have a resolution, I just have goals and dreams I
    want to accomplish. P90X3 is on my list as well as X2. My body goal is a
    fitness model physique. My main goal for 2014 is to provide a home for my
    kids and I. Keep inspiring the world!

  10. So inspiring!

  11. I may be 16 but I have a big heart for fitness, I may not have as much
    muscle as you but I can keep up with p90x2 it’s hard but this year is when
    I want to be better than ever I’m on p.a.p. Workouts this month, I hope to
    do good, your a big inspiration and I will try my hardest just like you say
    in your videos… Thanks.

  12. Kicking ass and pressing PLAY in 2014. P90X3 is happening in this year!

  13. James Hendricks Jr

    I’ve already decided to buy P90X3 , and today I have another goal to also
    buy P90x2 in the spring, the ultimate version either the rumble roller and
    power stands !

  14. TSH Rocks!

  15. Tony ur awesome man just wanted to say the p90x series is incredible man im
    going to bring it and stick with it keep on changing the world bro

  16. I love you Tony!

  17. Awesome message,Tony! Thanks so much! I’ve posted it in my New Year’s
    Resolution Challenge group!

  18. I saved this video on my favorites bar so I can see it every day of
    2014…Thank you! Happy 2014

  19. to be in the best shape and health at age 50 on August 5th! 🙂 Bring it my
    friend! P90X3 starting January 6th!

  20. I look forward to buying your book when it comes out. 

  21. 1 rabbit disliked this video, for not being mentioned in the introduction

  22. LOVE IT! Hubs and I made our resolutions today. P90X3 starts on Monday.
    I just can’t WAIT to do it! Running a couple’s challenge pitting couples
    against couples. A little competition to help us all give our BEST :)

  23. I love u tony x me x me

  24. Hey Tony I love you and find you very inspirational. I am a 51 year old
    woman who is very out of shape and would love to lose weight and get into
    shape. Where you would you suggest I start.

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