1. Now this is a stressful videogame. XP

  2. I could say something like fork yourself or are you forking kidding me?
    Careful you’ll fork your eye out or just say pass – I’ve been considering
    “smart” wristband but this is over the top – then again thanks for keeping
    us informed

  3. Why don’t they just tell me how long to wait in between bites? lol… And
    they have the guts charge $100, what a waste of Bluetooth technology…
    Makes you wonder, if they thought the product through… Who want to carry
    a fork around all day, or who’d even remember… I’m all for wearable tech
    but this just lazy.

  4. ridiculous!!!

  5. @seyi Bammeke
    Yes,they could tell us how long we have to wait istead of wasting money on
    this device.but. this device is more helpful than counting.don’t forget
    that when you are eating, you put in concentration on the taste and food
    and we do not think about anything else.ONLY BETWEEN.so remember this is
    still useful and has a useful purpose

  6. What… In the world…… 

  7. Why would you want to make what’s supposed to be an enjoyable part of your
    day stressful? Oh no, I ate this bite within 9 seconds, I need to slow
    down. Oh no now I’ve waited 16 seconds I need to focus better. No!
    Technology is a great thing but it does NOT need to be implemented into
    silverware. Come on…

  8. Something Chris Traeger would own. 

  9. So this is the bluetooth fork Donald Bell mentioned on his visit at CES…

  10. omg you must be crazy to buy this waste of money nevery seen such a stupid
    THING in my life !

  11. Useless

  12. Waste of money

  13. Thank you very much CNET! You have made my day!!! A $100 electronic device
    to help restrict the amount of crap fat-ass Americans are shoving up their
    pie hole!!! Thank you, thank you for bringing this news to me! I have to
    tell everybody!!! )))

  14. its like the gameification of eating

  15. העולם השתגע.מזלגות טכנולוגיים.

  16. they might as well make bluetooth condoms.

  17. This is for home use only, take it to a restaurant and you definitely would
    negative looks from people. You’re either going to like like a stupid dork
    or more likely like sick man (cardiac / diabetic), you would definitely not
    get the the waitress phone number. In addition, carrying a fork with you
    might get your in trouble with the Police because it might come across as a
    “concealed weapon”.
    This definitely looks like a medical device so do yourself a favor and
    don’t take it in public. If you have an eating disorder buy yourself two,
    one for work and one for home and don’t take any with you.

  18. this is the dumbest thing ever

  19. The future is definitely here. 

  20. If your on a date and pull out the fork and she goes to the rest room and
    never comes back, you know why. 

  21. Ok, let me tell you what is the most stupid use of technology: It’s… Oh,
    wait… Somebody just invented this fork. I rest my case.

  22. What hold on a sec, thats seriously stupid idea in the whole universe …

  23. What’s wrong with eating too fast? ._.

  24. Tonteria

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