1. i cant find the video with her boyfriend. id love to see it 🙂

  2. I love love love ALL your videos, they are always so informative 🙂

  3. what are you gonna do to attempt to make it better?

  4. Also, how do you clean your brushes?

  5. Her attitude towards her acne seems to have improved.

  6. your skin improved so much but i would suggest you to stay away from so
    much of makeup on your face in such time.

  7. please do a video on an acne scaring cream. i have a few acne scars and i
    want to get rid of them!!! thanks!

  8. Why would you wear makeup to the gym?

  9. Mackenzie Anne Scott

    wow. that’s so mean

  10. how did your skin go from perfect to all acned up? odd..

  11. can you wear foundation afterwards ? so you wont sweat off the foundation .

  12. knoeverything101

    could you use a bb cream?

  13. Thank you for showing us ur face with out makeup!! Other girls wouldn’t do
    this!! You are beautiful!!!

  14. Holly Molly, this girl is fearless!!!!! I wish more girls could be this

  15. You have NO idea how much this video helps me. Thanks!:D

  16. Martine Jensen Skaret

    You’re so happy and smiling it makes me happy too!

  17. So you do all this only to have it all gone after the workout???? Your face
    will look naked after the workout.

  18. EnchantedPrincess11

    Its not that easy, having acne and not wearing makeup is extremely tough..
    it takes a lot of courage.

  19. Who wears makeup at the gym????? Wtf!

  20. teenmakeupcounter21

    Your eyes are perf.

  21. see the thing is I want to wear makeup to school but I have gym the whole
    first half of the year so I can’t wear makeup

  22. Yes i mean it. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if
    your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen I saw an
    interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he
    eats to keep his abs hard. if you are serious go for it now

  23. I and many many many other chicks

  24. Acne damaged my entire life for countless years. I did shut myself away
    because of it. I made use of all kinds of things I was able to get hold of,
    nonetheless it didn’t work. Then I discovered the Acne Executioner blog
    (Google it) and I had eventually learned something that was successful. I
    actually quite like looking at myself in the mirror for the very first time
    ever. It’s about time.

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