Group Fitness Helps You Shape Up and Stay Motivated

Group fitness classes have gained popularity in recent years and are great for getting a good workout. Many gyms offer a variety of classes that are included with the membership. New and experienced exercisers alike can enjoy group fitness offerings because there’s a class to suit every fitness level and interest. Classes range from body sculpt and dance to cycling and yoga and so much more. Plus, in addition to shaping up, you can share the experience with others, meet new friends, and stay motivated. Let’s take a closer look at what group fitness is all about.

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Group fitness is simply working out with other exercisers in a class led by a fitness professional. Classes can be great for those looking for something different, those who need a little extra motivation, and those who need some extra attention and are new to exercising. Men and women of all ages can enjoy group classes. Many gyms offer advanced classes as well.

One of the most popular classes is indoor cycling. This cardio intense class set to music is done on stationary exercise bikes that are specially designed for this type of class. The instructor leads the class through a series of hills, sprints, and climbs aimed at building endurance, increasing muscle, and improving overall fitness. Indoor cycling classes are also great calorie burners. Some classes mimic outdoor rides and focus on heart rate and revolutions per minute whereas others are more laid back and more about enjoying the music. Contrary to popular belief, beginners can participate in indoor cycling classes as well. Because each individual rider controls his or her own resistance, there’s no reason to shy away from indoor cycling. Each rider is in control of his or her own workout and has the option to push as hard as they want.

Next, body sculpt classes are very popular as well. These classes use various pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, body bars, and exercise bands to work the entire body. The legs, arms/shoulders, chest, back, and abs are worked out through a variety of exercises such as squats, lunges, raises, curls, push-ups, and crunches. Body sculpt classes are effective at building muscle and teaching the proper technique.

Another popular class is dance. Hip hop, salsa, and new crazes such as Zumba have found their way onto group fitness schedules nationwide. Dance classes are for all levels and can be a fun alternative to your traditional exercise class. Also, kickboxing is quite popular as well. No extra equipment is needed for this cardio based class that works the entire body. Through a series of kicks, punches, and jabs, the instructor works through a variety of combinations while emphasizing proper technique.

Finally, group fitness classes are a fun and exciting way to work out. The motivation from the instructor as well as the support of others is something that you can’t get from exercising alone. Also, the abundant range of classes means there’s something for every type of exerciser. Head out to your local gym today to see what is right for you. Of course if you’re new to exercise, consult your physical prior to starting a fitness program. Most importantly of all, do not forget to have fun!

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