1. New #StylesMeowFit treat for you loves, on what foods I eat to stay
    healthy! What’s your favorite healthy food?

  2. Get In Shape With Lee

    Great tips, oat meal is a awesome breakfast tip! I have one for you! If you
    use local produced honey for your sweetener that will also help boost your
    immune system and help keep you from having allergies!

  3. I love my healthy smoothies. 

  4. Hummus!! It’s so healthy and you can dip so many things in it 🙂 I always
    bring hummus to school and then carrots, some rice crackers, and coliflower

  5. Love your ideas :D

  6. I love blueberries and making smoothies! 

  7. My essential are my freshly squeezed juices. I juice fruit and vegetables;
    the juices are delicious, they make You more awake, work better than coffee
    and they put me in a good mood :)

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