Great Fat Burning Exercises for Men

Fat burning exercises are the only way to convert body fat to muscle, and the best fat burning exercises are slow aerobic activities that work most of the major muscle groups. While many men focus on muscle-building and strength-training workouts, except lifting weight, they neglect fat burning exercises, for one reason or another. Yet, many of them realize that a complete workout must contain all elements of fitness, including fat burning exercises. The following guide includes some of the best fat burning exercises for men, according to Men’s Health magazine.


This activity can be done on the open road or in an indoor class set to music. This cardiovascular activity provides variety and intensity, making it one of best fat burning exercises for men. The changing intensity is based on the music’s tempo and instructor’s cues. People using an outdoor cycle will encounter varying terrains, and spinning classes mimic these situations by increasing and decreasing the bikes’ tensions. Fat burning occurs because of changes between hills, sprints, and jumps. Some classes also combine Pilates and other toning activities. Men will burn between 200 and 400 calories after an hour-long workout.


Running is one of the best fat burning exercises for men because it’s inexpensive and can be done in just about any city in the world. This weight-bearing, fat burning exercise works the muscles in the lower body. Men increase the fat burning effect by running on different inclines and adding intervals to their running workout. Maybe, they can add squats or lunges to their routine for variety. It is important, though, to wear proper running shoes to reduce injuries. After a run, men burn approximately 300 calories. Runner’s World states that, to benefit from this fat burning workout, men should make sure to wear proper running shoes.

Cardio Kickboxing

Men who will not step inside many aerobics classes may at least try cardio kickboxing. This fat burning exercise for men works practically every area of the upper and lower body, working major muscle groups. The legs, arms, and abdominals work together to complete kicks, jabs, punches, and other moves. In addition to fat burning, cardio kickboxing increases strength and flexibility and tones core muscles. Men’s Fitness says that men can burn up to 1000, depending on the intensity level of the workout.

Stair Climber and Elliptical Machines

Although outdoor activities like biking and running are the best fat burning exercises, men who would rather work out indoors or live in areas where the weather sometimes makes outdoor activities unpleasant can use exercise machines. While treadmills have their place in the fat-burning category, they don’t work multiple muscle groups. However, stair climbers and elliptical machines burn lots of fat because they multitask. Elliptical machines, which mimic cross-country skiing, work the upper and lower body. The stair climber burns fat and works every muscle in the lower body. In a half hour, men can burn 300 calories.


Swimming is one of the best fat burning workouts for men because the water serves as resistance, and people a great cardiovascular workout. This fat burning workout for men is a lot gentler on the body than some of the workouts already mentions. Men who want to burn fat but have limitations like arthritis or other joint problems can opt for swimming instead. Like other fat burning workouts, multiple muscle groups in the upper and lower body work together to help men tread the water. In addition, this workout builds endurance and increases heart and lung functions. A 30-minute swim burns about 400 calories. Beginning swimmers can follow the swimmer’s guide on the Men’s Health website.

Men can do other things besides lifting weights in order to get a complete fat burning workout. These fat burning exercises for men can be done both indoors and outdoors. They add variety to the workout and provide an all-around workout that burns fat and produces other health benefits as well.


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