Good, Easy, Exercising and Diet Tips?

I live in Arizona so its hot, just good ideas for late day exercising, and healthy snacks and meal ideas.


Here's some weight-loss tips:

# Learn more about nutrition. Your local library should have some books on the subject.

# Combined healthy eating habits & regular cardio (30 mins+ 6-7 days a week), to create a calorie deficit will help to remove any excess body fat.

Weight training is benefical in strengthening your muscles, as well as increasing your metabolic rate.

# Make sure you do physical activities/exercises which you actually enjoy & can easily include into your normal routine.

If you'd rather exercise later in the day, an early evening brisk walk is a good way to relax after a hard day at work & improve your fitness at the same time.

Strength training exercises, like push-ups, squats, crunches, the plank, lunges, burpees & tricep dips, can be done at home without needing any equipment.

# Consider keeping a journal.

Recording your eating and exercising habits jolts you into realising just what you eat and drink each day; and whether you exercise sufficently. It can also identify problem foods and bad habits, prevent 'calorie amnesia' ,& motivate you to eat well and exercise.

# Include in your eating plan a variety of wholegrains, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy & healthy fats.

# Eating adequate protein & dietary fibre helps to keep any sugar/carb cravings under control.

# Oats, skim milk & sliced fruit is a healthy breakfast, which makes you feel full all morning.

# Aim to have 1/2 your dinner plate consisting of vegetables, 1/4 of complex carbohydrates (like rice, wholegrain pasta or potato) & 1/4 of lean protein.

# Don't deprive yourself from enjoying a piece of chocolate or another not-so-healthy indulgence, otherwise you'll end up craving it. Occasionally, include it in your meal plan, in a small portion size

# You cannot target fat-loss.

Your body decides how it distributes body fat & where it removes it., not you. And if you are a woman, like myself, thigh fat can be particulary stubborn to lose. On a positive note, having a little bit of thigh fat is not a health risk & is merely a vanity issue.

# Don't be too focused on the scale.

Instead measure your success by how your clothes fit & how much fitter and healthier you feel. When I was losing weight, I'd use a pair of jeans to check if I was becoming slimmer.

# It can be quite challenging at first, replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones.

Everyday wake up committed to make healthy choices throughout that particular day.

Some days you might go off track, but instead of feeling like you failed, learn from the experience and let it motivate you to make healthy choices the following day.

It may take months to achieve your long-term weight-loss goal, but the results are worth the effort :.)

# Most importantly, be prepared to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle change for the long-term. That way, you'll be able to maintain your slimmer & healthier body, once you have achieved it

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