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Once the research is done, a hopeful model might be left wondering how on earth they are going to compete with what they’ve learned. But an important thing to remember is that there is a large difference between women who model as a hobby or side job, and women who model for a career.

Those modeling for a career have to be in perfect condition 24/7, and they work hard to stay at that level. For those modeling for a hobby or side job, the pressure isn’t as extreme. After all, if you have a good portfolio set up and network yourself out, chances are high you’ll find modeling gigs. Now how much you get paid (if at all) is what largely depends on your look and personality.

Steps Toward that Model Body- Diet

The first, and most important thing for a hopeful model to do is to decide if modeling really is what she wants. It doesn’t matter how flawless or talented someone is, if their heart isn’t in it, then it shows. And putting all that work in for something that doesn’t really matter is not a good use of time. However, if modeling really is where one’s passions lie, then there are two steps that are very important to gaining that model body.

When people think of what might make up a model’s diet, often imagines of water and crackers, fat-free health food, or perhaps water all on it’s own, come to mind. And indeed, if modeling if a chosen career, strict diets are often put in place. But for everyone else, a few simple rules work well enough. The first, and most important, is to stick to what you’ve decided. Creating a detailed diet plan and only sticking to it part of the time doesn’t do any good.

Start with simple things. Perhaps only one soda a day? Or perhaps eat fast food have as often. Little things like this are often over looked, but do make a large difference. From there one might move on to cutting back (or cutting out) fatty foods, junk foods, sugars, etc. How strict the diet is completely up to the person creating it. But remember, if you are striving to lose jiggle and tone up; everything you eat will need to be countered with exercise. So that extra candy bar may not seem like a big deal, but a few extra candy bars a day will mean that much more of a workout. In the same sense, starving in hopes of cutting back a few pounds is not advised nor healthy.

Steps Toward that Model Body- ExerciseAlong with diet, exercise is an important part of getting the desired body. however, again, the extent one exercises depends on the person’s desires as well as their diet and genetics. Living on a diet of soda and pizza is going to lead to a lot of exercising to balance it out. Likewise, genetics play a large part in how someone’s body will look.If weight is not an issue than perhaps toning is the way to go. But remember, working out past personal comfort is not a good idea. Workouts ending in extreme pain or shortness of breath should be scaled back a bit.

As far as workout schedules go, one must create one that works for both personal comfort and life in general. If living in a crowded city, working days, and having a knee injury are a part of one’s life than running (though a great way to lose jiggle and tone up) is probably not the way to go. Finding a good, stable schedule to go by and sticking to it will show results that will last more than a few days.

What to ExpectIt is important to keep in mind that the body portrayed in a magazine, is often a product of many things; a diet/exercise balance, air-brushing, posing, photoshop, and genetics. For the most part, the average woman looking to model on the side is not going to achieve that body. But how close they come to it is up to them. Again, it’s not a matter of having the perfect body; it’s a matter of being comfortable with one’s self. Something to think about as well is the fact that often, different types of modeling require different models. Where Runway models tend to be long and thin, Glamour models tend to be a bit curvy, and so on.

Often those that are striving to look better through diet and exercise find other added benefits. They may start feeling more confident, and at ease with themselves. They may start feeling more awake and energetic, and indeed healthier. Cutting back on junk food and getting a good amount of exercise will often lead a person to feel better than they ever have, not to mention how much it helps a person’s health.Once one is comfortable and happy with their body, what comes next?

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