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Text Messaging?

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Texting Your Ex Back Into Love….your relationship has ended, but you’re not ready to let go.  This common problem is one that many women and men face.  But if you play your cards right, your chances of reconciling might greatly improve.

Texting can be an effective way to communicate with a former lover and somehow rekindle the connection you once shared.  You just need to learn how you can use this tool to your advantage.

Why Texting?

It may seem odd to use texting as a way to communicate with an old flame, but texting can actually be the perfect way to stay in touch without coming on too strong or making things awkward.

Texting allows you to keep communication short and sweet.  You can keep things light instead of delving into deep issues that might have brought on your breakup in the first place.

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When you text, you also have time to plan out what you want to say or how you want to reply to your ex.  That can be much more difficult over the phone or in person when you’re expected to come up with a quick response.

Texting can also be done at your convenience and your ex can respond when he or she is ready.  Texting isn’t going to allow you to discuss the ins and outs of your relationship necessarily, but it’s a great way to stay in touch and give your ex time to reconsider while you make a great impression.

This method of communication is also good because people are almost always with their cell phones and don’t have to stop what they’re doing to read or send a quick text.

 Get Your Ex Back – When Not to Text

#1getyourexbackBefore we go over the proper way to text to get your ex back, it’s important to discuss some things that can go wrong.  As with any tool, texting can be dangerous when used improperly.

Instead of bringing you closer to your ex, you can actually cause even more problems.  Before you begin your plan to text your ex back, make sure that you’re in the right frame of mind and you’re doing it for the right reasons.

For example, if you’re texting because you want to make your ex feel jealous, just put the phone down.  Your ex will be able to see that coming a mile away and this tactic rarely works.  In fact, it often backfires.

Another time not to use texting is if you’ve been drinking or are, in fact, drunk.  Drunk texting has been responsible for a huge number of relationship problems and almost never is the solution.

When you’re drinking, your brain’s judgment center becomes impaired.  What seems like a great idea under the influence seems embarrassing and ridiculous once you’ve sobered up.

If you’re going to be drinking and think you might be tempted to text your ex, make sure to surrender your phone to a good friend who won’t allow you to make this colossal mistake.

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Feeling needy is another problem when it comes to texting.  For example, asking a question that you could certainly ask someone else just for the excuse to get help from an ex is very obvious.

Being helpless is rarely a turn on and it isn’t a good foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.  If someone else can help you or you can help yourself, do it.  But don’t ask your ex for help.

Also avoid texting for random reasons – such as a memory you’re experiencing or just to mention something you saw or did.  This is an obvious tactic that won’t go over well and makes you look desperate.

You should also avoid texting in order to beg for forgiveness or promise that you’re a new and different person.  Actions speak louder than words and a text like this won’t help your cause.

But there can be good ways to use texting to communicate with an ex that might result in some good will and reconnection.

 Get Your Ex Back – Create Some Space

Before you try to text to get your ex back, give your relationship some breathing room.  Breakups are often very passionate and filled with emotion.  This isn’t the time to try to reason with your former love.

Instead, follow a 30 day rule of no contact.  Don’t text, call, or do anything to “accidentally” run into your ex.  Stay away and show respect for the boundaries your ex has set.

There are a couple of things at play here.  First, you need to calm down and make sure you really want your ex back.  After a month of freedom, you may realize that’s not really what you want after all.

Second, you want to give your ex some time to feel what it’s like without you.  Your ex may think that you’ll come running back.  But when a month goes by, it’s obvious you’re not as needy as that.

Now you leave your ex wondering if you’ve moved on, if you still have feelings, or if you’re going to try to get in contact.  Keeping your ex wondering is a good thing – it keeps you in their mind without making him uncomfortable.


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