Get Rid of Unsightly Yellow Nails Using these Easy-to-Follow Techniques

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Among the many beauty rituals that women do on a regular basis is to have their nails done. You can either do the manicure/pedicure yourself, or go to a nail salon and have an expert do it for you.

Despite the fact that nail polish will keep your fingernails and toenails looking immaculate, repeated application of the polish may cause your nails to eventually have that unsightly yellowish stain. Smoking and hormonal changes may also cause your nails to turn yellow.

Easy Ways to Whiten Yellowish Nails 

Once your nails have already acquired that yellowish stain, how are you supposed to get rid of it? The good news is that there are easy home remedies that you can use to restore the whiteness of your nails. Here’s a quick list:

• Soak Your Nails In Lemon Juice. 

First, soak your nails in lemon juice. Squeeze the juice from one lemon and place the liquid in a shallow bowl. Make sure that you won’t use lemon juice which already has sweeteners and other chemicals added in it because the solution would not work. Soak your fingernails and toenails in the solution for a few minutes. Rinse it off, and apply moisturizing lotion to restore the natural white sheen on your nails.

• Use denture Tablets!

Surprisingly enough, you can use denture tablets for nail whitening. Following the package instructions, dissolve the denture tablets in water and use it as a solution to soak your nails in for a few minutes. It might take several treatments before the natural white sheen of your nails can be restored, but it does work.

• Lightly Buff The Surface Of Your Nails. 

Using a good quality nail buffer, lightly buff the surface of your nails. Just make sure to use gentle, even strokes so you would not make the upper layer of the nails weaker. Light buffing will not just help get rid of the yellow stain on your nails, but it also helps improve blood circulation in your area so the new nails that will grow becomes healthier.

• Check Out The Beauty Aisle Of Your Local Supermarket

Look for products in cosmetics aisles in the supermarket which are specially designed to whiten yellowish nails.
When you browse through the cosmetics aisle in most supermarkets, you will stumble upon products like nail whiteners. They’re surprisingly cheap and effective, so plan a trip to a superstore near you so that you can get rid of yellow nails.

Having yellowish nails which are unpolished are a big no-no, but they do happen due to frequent nail polish applications. To get rid of the unsightly yellow stain, follow these easy tricks so you can restore the natural white sheen of your nails.

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Updated: September 20, 2016 — 3:38 am

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