Get Relief from Snoring and Improve The Lives of Those Around You

relief from snoringRelief from snoring may not be a top priority for the person doing it but it is of utmost importance for those living and interacting with him each day.

Those who snore are the source of many jokes but they are also the source of much frustration on the part of others.

Snoring is also classified as a sleep disorder because the snorer fails to get the proper amount of rest. There is action you can take if you have the problem of snoring.

The Effects of Snoring on Self and Others

The most profound of the symptoms that cause sufferers to seek relief from snoring is the loud noise itself. The person snoring usually has no knowledge of the noise he is making while sleeping but others around him are. It is not just in the bed where the person snoring affects others. He might snore if he falls asleep while watching television making it impossible for others to hear.

This can have a significantly negative impact on others in the same household and they may even become resentful that they must live with snoring person because they feel helpless in the situation.

The person who snores may or may not be aware of his condition although others in the same household will probably let him know. One frequent problem with those who are chronic snorers is that they oftentimes fall asleep during meetings or other public gatherings and let out their loud noise much to their embarrassment.

In fact, sometimes the snorer will be aware that he only slept lightly during the night because he actually woke himself up from his own snoring. This results in the person not getting proper rest which leads to an entire set of other problems.

The Underlying Causes of Snoring

Relief from snoring is possible by understanding its causes. They have to do with the openings towards the back of the throat that allow air to be taken in through the nose or mouth. These areas are lined by soft tissue that relaxes when you are sleeping. Their relaxed state allows them to fall into the airways and partially block them.

Then, when the sufferer tries to take in air, they flap much like a flag does in high wind. When the cause of snoring is through the throat, the sound will be a deep vibrating noise. When it is from the airway that allows air to get through nasal passages, the sound will be more like that you would hear if you pinched your nose.

What are the causes that increase the likelihood of soft tissue blocking the airways? One cause is obesity because tissue around the airways will tend to be fatty and lack muscle tone. Fatty tissue droops more easily. Another cause that is more temporary in nature is if the person has a sinus infection and the snoring may be more profound during allergy seasons when the pollen count is high.

Structural and tissue deformities in the mouth and nose can also cause snoring and may not be as easy to correct. For example, a deviated septum in the nose can be the cause of a partially blocked nostril. Or, a tissue such as the soft palette might be longer than normal thus it dangles in the airway more easily.

Solutions for Relief from Snoring

One quick way to address the problem of snoring is to sleep on your side instead of on your back. This keeps tissue from falling towards the back of your airways and blocking them. Forcing yourself to sleep on your side is a habit you will develop over time and you may not be aware of resting on your back while sleeping.

Another way to find relief from snoring is to make sure you exercise and try to lose weight if you are obese. Exercise will help your breathing and losing weight will reduce the fatty tissue that tends to block air passages when relaxed.

In addition to exercising and reducing weight, keeping your throat and nasal tissue from becoming irritated is another way to work on getting relief from this situation. For example, smoking irritates this tissue so it is wise to reduce or quit smoking altogether. If you do smoke, have your last cigarette for the day a few hours before going to bed. Another way to keep nasal and throat passages clear is to invest in a room humidifier as this will keep them moist and prevent irritation.

You also want to avoid doing things that provoke relaxation of the tissue that lines throat and nasal passages. These include excessive alcohol consumption and taking sedatives. Excessive alcohol consumption is troublesome in many ways because it not only relaxes tissue but depresses the brain centers that regulate respiration. It also dries and irritates the throat.

Don’t let snoring affect your quality of life and that of those who live with you. Make the lifestyle and physical changes to find relief from snoring today.

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