1. she was talking about health and fitness but we saw jello in her
    fridge….. nice

  2. love your hair!ur amazing!!!

  3. I’m a cheerleader as well <3 I've only just started at the beginning of the
    year though so I'm still learning 🙂

  4. she said in the video that its not overly healthy but its good for
    you…listen to her

  5. yeeey swedish wasa crisp bread!! it is like the standard bread here in
    sweden and they serve it in the school, we just get butter on them, but I
    like that too 🙂

  6. Please make a video abt how to lighten your dark underarms! 🙂

  7. Man, I have to lose some weight, right now. Have you heard of Belly Busting
    Box? My best mate has shed 30kg so far by using it and very highly
    recommends it. Not long ago I started out and now have shed 5kg so far so
    I’m getting kinda inspired. Search Search Engines for Belly Busting Box.

  8. My name is Sarai. I make videos here on YouTube. Please check out my
    channel 🙂 Im sorry if you don’t like these kinds of comments Thank You

  9. 2:08 spelt as lummus not hummus hahah

  10. Exercise

  11. TypicalTeenageWallflower

    High calorie doesn’t mean unhealthy. Low calorie doesn’t mean healthy.
    That’s all.

  12. you’re in the back row…

  13. your so pretty!!!!

  14. Wait you do know low calorie doesn’t equal healthy right? Usually low
    calorie/light products are actually more unhealthy and processed than
    original !!

  15. 3:43… Twerking

  16. Lets be real the majority of young girls don’t exercise & watch what they
    eat for health…

  17. I love watching your videos!! X from Holland

  18. Is she a flyer Or a base?

  19. omg your dad! i have never seen him before

  20. awesome video! i just uploaded a video on healthy snacks and “junk food”
    you should come check it out :)

  21. Was she twerking

  22. great video but the music is distracting

  23. This was a really good video, but if you enjoy cheerleading, it shouldn’t
    be tiring. You should want to do your routines, tumling, stunts, exc., over
    and over and over again.

  24. luh luh luh love you asypn!!

  25. 3:42 miley copy twerking haha

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