1. Benefits From Healthy Eating

    Get healthy & fit! Your simple diet tips ♥:

    Get healthy & fit! My simple diet tips ♥


  2. u can order pasta but divide it into two plates so u can have a smaller
    portion 🙂

  3. You remind me of my friend Mia(: also, if you do eats meat you should look
    into veganism. Thats how I stayhealthy. I dont wants to give you all the
    reasons about why to go vegan because there are too many , but all I’ll say
    is it is cruelty free and if you do it right its really amazing for you and
    your body 3

  4. I gotta to give it to you. You right on with your information to being
    healthy and losing weight. Im a PE teacher and this is a lot of the same
    stuff I tell my students. Good video!

  5. you helped me soo much, thank you!<3

  6. if you don’t like the taste of water? Does it have a taste? Wtf? :0

  7. such a stupid comment :/ it doesnt. duuuuuuuh. she knows it. its just how u
    say it. i hate how water “tastes” for example, how else could u say that?

  8. Thank you so much this very simple

  9. pllease sub me

  10. You’re soo beautiful! Thank you for all the tips!

  11. U kinda remind me of Kim kardashian !!!! Love this vid thanxxxx

  12. Hi Annie! which kind of green tea do you drink? organic? tea bags? thanks!

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  15. ur so cute

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  19. Manikanta Bhagavatula

    Awesome tips Annie 🙂 Thanks for the tips and Love the way you interact <3

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  22. Can i still put sugar in my green tea ? Sounds stupid but seriously can i
    do that ?

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